The Calm Point of View

Chapter 19

It's Saturday and Draco dragged me to the quidditch pitch to watch him practice. Part of me believes that he keeps hoping to make me jealous enough to demand to join the team.

The Gryffindors apparently already had the pitch booked but Flint got a signed note from Professor Snape saying Slytherin could use the pitch today. Apparently, Draco's father bought the whole Slytherin team Nimbus Two Thousand and Ones, now Draco is the main seeker on the team.

This actually made me slightly angry. Yes, he is my friend, yes, bribery is a part of being Slytherin, but if I was the boy who had earned the seeker place I would be heart broken.

While I was controlling my newly discovered anger and deciding how to tell off Draco; a fight was happening on the pitch. Malfoy called Hermione a mudblood and Weasley managed to make himself belch slugs.

That is the point I walked away to go flying over the lake. I was hoping I wouldn't feel the need to hex Draco by the time I got back.

The workload this year is more difficult than last year. Halloween is just around the corner and I have written so little. I can't wait for the Halloween feast!

Charms is still my favorite class; Professor Snape is still my favorite teacher. Yes, he does favor Slytherins, but he has no tolerance for idiots and is harsher because of it. I find I learn better because his expectations are higher.

Oh, Peeves broke a vanishing cabinet, I can't help but wonder where the other half is.

Halloween was amazing! I even got an uninterrupted meal this year. But then there was the blood on the walls.

I was wandering around after supper with Daphne, Theo, Blaise, Greg, Vincent and Draco when we came upon a large group of people. Draco of course shoved his way to the front. The rest of us stayed back, where we clearly heard Draco quite clearly read the message before loudly stating mudbloods will be next.

We quickly looked at each other before Theo and Blaise made a quick decision to grab Draco and get us all out of there. The rest of the school dislikes Slytherins enough, why give them more reason to hate us.

When we returned to the common room, still dragging Draco, we forcefully sat him down on one of the couches and asked him what he thought he was doing.

He stated that is was true, the mudbloods would be next. His father told him about the chamber years ago. Some girl had died, only mudbloods were targeted.

I don't understand why he insists on that word, he is like a baby that just learnt how to say now.

Anyways, we told him not to do anything else that would make him seem guilty. He reluctantly agreed and we went on to enjoy the Halloween party in the common room.