The Calm Point of View

Chapter 52

We are currently working on silencing charms in Transfiguration. It is a useful spell to cast on shoes and doors. Perfect for theft on muggles. Sadly, all magic leaves traces so it can't be used to rob a magical household. Briar wants to know why I would ever want to steal anything. I figure it is best to be prepared, who knows where the coming war will take us.

I wish that silencing charms was the most interesting thing that happened today. It's all Pansy's fault. I should explain a bit first. I may not like it, but I understand Draco and Potter's rivalry. I also understand house rivalries since they are silently encouraged. Now Briar and I aren't going out of our way to tell people that we are twins, but we aren't trying to hide it anymore either. This brings us to Potions today.

Briar and I were synchronized potion making as we always do. Pansy picked up on this and decided to loudly announce that Professor Snape should take points from Gryffindor because Willowbirch was using a spell to mimic me. Professor Snape didn't even look up as he told her that twins sometimes do thing in sync and the two of us had been doing so since 1st year. He then added insult by telling Pansy that if she actually paid attention to her potion instead of other people's than perhaps she would get higher than a D.

She refuses to talk to me now. Honestly, I don't mind that part. It is all of Gryffindor now knowing. We only told people that we trusted before, and now it will probably be all over the school.

Maybe not, Briar says that they don't really want people to know that one of their own is related to a snake. Hermione called them all childish. People is his dorm keep giving him looks of condolence though, is being related to a Slytherin really that bad? Oh, Briar got angry, he told them all to stop it or he would hex them. That he loves me no matter my house, we're family. Maybe they shouldn't automatically assume because a person is cunning that they are evil!

Neville had to calm him down before he actually hexed someone. I love my brother. Neville said he is sorry people found out from Professor Snape instead of us. Maybe if they had it wouldn't have been such a big deal. Neville also smiled and says that now he knows who he is buying a Christmas present for. He is a good sort, I don't know why people say he is stupid. He seems intelligent to me.

At least the Slytherins don't seem to care. Half of my year mates knew already. Blaise doesn't care because it doesn't have anything to do with him. Greg and Vince don't care because Draco doesn't care. Pansy is more upset the she was insulted by Professor Snape in front of Gryffindor. Her sulking has made the dorm quieter. I am enjoying the peace. When she becomes loud again I should practice the silencing charm on her.

The Slytherin Gryffindor quidditch match is coming. Players on both sides keep getting hexed. All the player's now have house bodyguards. And people wonder why I believe quidditch is against the freedom of flying. Draco made some badges for the match. I can't help but wonder what is with him and badges. They say "Weasley is our King" and he made up a song to go with it. Quite clever actually, so was getting the house to practice it. Now the stupid song is stuck in my head. Weasley cannot save a thing, he cannot block a single ring. That's why all the Slytherins sing. Weasley is our king. Born in a bin, lets quaffle in, makes sure we win, blah blah blah. I'm not even going to watch, it is too cold.