The Calm Point of View

Chapter 73

The new muggle studies class teaches that, despite their technology, muggles are no better than barn animals. They live for base desires, are stupid and always dirty.

If this is true, why do we not see them constantly fornicating in the streets? I kept the opinion to myself and Briar.

I was only willing to push the Carrow twins so far in a short amount of time.

It had been nice to see Draco stand up for Briar and myself though. Maybe when a winner has been established we shall be friends again.

I have noticed that our small act of rebellion in the class has spawned an influx of hope amongst our peers. So much hope that Neville, Lovegood, and Weasley thought it would be a good idea to steal the sword of Gryffindor from Headmaster Snape's office.

I raised my eyebrow like Grandfather when Headmaster Snape gave them detention with Hagrid in the forest. I am not entirely sure that it counts as a detention.

It was after that happened though that Headmaster Snape reinstated the "no gathering of three or more students and no unofficial societies." Just like Umbridge all over again, but less pink.

Briar has taken to reading the Quibbler, it tends to print more truth than the Prophet. They print deaths and who has escaped as well as telling people to rally to Potter.

There isn't much focus on classwork, or maybe classes seem to teach us things that are both more and less useful at the same time.

Since Neville and Draco stood up for Briar and I there hasn't been as much open hostility in the halls. It is still there, but the curses aren't quite as cruel as before.

Theo called Briar and I to an unconscious Hufflepuff today. Theo said he was unconscious when he found him. I didn't question him even though Theo sported a scratch across one cheek and what appeared to be a burn on the right arm he was currently using to support the unconscious Hufflepuff.

I healed what I could on both of them and then Theo transferred the boy to Briar. Briar in turn promised to bring the boy somewhere safe.

I am sure that somewhere safe refers to Dumbledore's Army, but we swore not to share that news with other Slytherins.

Dumbledore's Army has Graffiti everywhere that says they are recruiting.

For some reason Theo only ever seems to find unconscious students to save. I am pretty sure he doesn't want anyone to actually know he is saving people. He may very well be the one casting a charm to knock them out.

Only Briar and I know Milli has a field hospital set up in one of the secret passages for anyone that gets injured and doesn't want questions asked. She is quite good at wandless healing charms.

Daphne has made it her goal to look after the first to third years. She has the schedules for all the houses and the routes they tend to take. She even has specific safe routes and makes sure that everyone travels in pairs.

My job is reconnaissance. I pass information between the houses or spy on the Carrows.

Merlin help us continue with no major injuries.