The Calm Point of View

Chapter 17

When it came time to board the train, Briar found a compartment with Neville and Finnegan. Hermione joined them a little later much to my surprise. Briar says that she couldn't find Potter or the Weasel so they were second choice. I was sadly grabbed by Pansy and Daphne, two Slytherin girls in my year, and were later joined by Millisicent. Milli is terrifying looking, way too much inbreeding I think, or maybe troll blood.

So while Briar got mildly intelligent conversation I ended up with fasion and boy talk. I therefore have spent most of the trip starring out the window wondering how much trouble I would get in if I grabbed my broom and lept out the window to follow the train from the air. I did joing in the mindless chatter a small amount when I mentioned i knew a wandless charm for straightning clothes. Teaching them was more enjoyable than the drivel.

We are twelve, why should I care about boys and marriage? We were almost at the castle when they brought up Draco's relationship with me. Girls don't really drop topics very easily. I told them I had exchanged a few owls with Draco but I didn't once visit the manor this summer.

Apparently this meant I wan't a candidate and it calmed their nerves. I would rather have a conversation with Greg about potions, it would me leaps and bounds more intelligent.

Apparently if I had tried to fly along I would have seen a car doing just that. I didn't learn about that bit of knowledge until arriving in the great hall for the feast, but I am getting slightly ahead of myself.

As we left th train, Draco came to properly escourt me to a carrage. He asked if the emotions were too much for me again.

He looked so weird with that joking, innocent smile that I laughed. I told him I wasn't ill, but I wasn't okay either. I told him I had gotten better at blocking out the noise.

We discussed bits of our holiday on the carriage. As I said, we had kept in contact with owls. A couple of times Draco's Eagle owl trailed behind as if learning the job. It wasn't able to fly as long as the adults so it usually stayed overnight before leaving, or Shadow would bring it back herself when she got annoyed with it's cheaping.

The first time she returned the owl she dropped it off directly in Draco's lap. Unfortunetly he was enjoying a bath at the time and did not enjoy needing to save it from drowning a few inches above his crotch.

For some reason he decided to bring the owl to school with him. Even though it couldn't deliver his mail yet, Draco reasoned that it would do better in the owlry than at the manor.

Mr. Malfoy has apparently been threatening to murder it. The little owl is quite skilled at ending up in countainers and other impossible places.

The owl still was unnamed, but Draco plans to call it Loki if it is male and Discordia if it is female. The little owl had managed to ruin some expensive potions ingredients when it got trapped in an air tight container.

From what we can determine, the owl started getting stuck in containers after the 3rd time my cat apparated it home. We can only hope it isn't somehow learning from her. If it is, the owl will probably have to live outside the manor until it learns properly.

Despite all Draco's complaints I could tell he loved the small ball of feathers. By Christmas it should be almost full-sized.

It was while waiting for the first years to be sorted when Blaise passed Draco a copy of the latest Daily Prophet. There on the front page was a flying blue car being flown by Weasley and Potter.

Are they really that stupid? When I looked over to the Gryffindor table they were definetly missing.

Draco was actually laughing, it was creepy. He said they would expelled for sure.

I just shook my head and silently asked Briar if Potter was really too stupid to have sent his owl if he had missed the train, or would he have though it thrilling to come in a manner different from everyone else.

Briar thinks it was Weasley's idea and Potter just went along with it.

So the boy who lived is a follower and not a leader, good to know.

Briar tells me he is really just too polite to Weasley because he was his first friend.

I think that is a stupid reason, I tell Draco when he is being stupid.

Briar says Potter was apparently locked in a cupboard for his childhood and doesn't have a proper understanding of people and the world. Weasley may actually be stupid though and would likely fail if not for Hermione's constant tutoring.

I feel sorry for her.

While we were talking all the first years had been escourted into the great hall. Snape was absent though. As Slytherin head of house he would have to be here. I hoped he wasn't ill. As a Potion Master is there many ailments he can't cure though?

We got a few new Slytherins and were partially into the meal when Professor Snape came in, he was quite excited and angry at the same time. Instead of taking his spot at the table though he whispered something to Professor Mcgonagall. She became furious and followed him out of the Great Hall. Dumbledore followed about 2 minutes later.

Going off the older students I am led to believe this isn't normal opening feast behavior. It is definetely different than last year, but who am I to judge normal after only two differing feasts.