The Calm Point of View

Chapter 55

I received more gifts this year than I ever thought I would. Neville got me some of those vomiting snacks with a note telling me to use it well. Pansy got me a beautiful painting of a tiny house on a distant mountain. I discovered that the person in the house owns a broom and flies through many paintings with sky. The little person also doesn't seem to mind delivering messages. I wonder if Pansy knows.

Daphne got Briar and I something called a twin tree. It starts as one tree and branches into two. Both trees can be different species from what they started as. We just need to each tap the seed with our wands before we plant it in order to imprint it with our magical signatures.

Milli got me a cage of flying paper fish, I think this is another gift I could potentially use to send messages. Theo got me a detailed star map. I didn't see anything from Briar and he just smiled and said my gift was a date for the ball. He waited until after I rolled my eyes at him before he handed me a wooden bracelet with our family crest. I think it has some protective properties, but Briar won't tell me anything. Grandfather had already gotten me the earrings early. Then to my surprise I also received a silver necklace with a raven from Shae. Grandfather tells me I shouldn't wear it until I am sure of his intentions. The note only said he looked forward to seeing me at school. Until I know I will keep it in a hidden inner pocket.

Briar received a Mimbus Mimbletonia cutting from Neville, a painting of a starry night sky from Pansy; maybe she does know. He got a list of names of Theo with the note telling him to watch his back around them, also a book of Arithmancy. Milli gave Briar a cage of flying paper cranes.

I gave my brother a magic looking glass; well a hand-held foe glass really; and a paired ring that warms up when people get too close. Grandfather gave Briar a fern, just a basic muggle fern.

Another Christmas past and now I am on the train back to Hogwarts. Shae found me there alone and he only just recently left. He said he would very much like it if I wore the necklace but only asks that I be his girlfriend with no commitment past that. He even promises not to subject me to his friends until they learn manners. He would very much like me to accompany him on Hogsmeade weekends though. I told him I would be glad to.

Briar came and said it was nice to hear Shae reason out what was right. I wonder if people without siblings to share every thought and moment ever feel lonely. Maybe they wonder if twins ever mind not having privacy? We do leave the other alone when we need it, we just prefer the constant second opinion. Briar also watches over me more than I do him, the Gryffindor are very loud, I prefer the quiet of my dorms.

Neville stopped by to talk about plants. They discussed Briar's fern and the welfare of the Mimble clipping. It was apparently really difficult to get and Neville wasn't entirely sure he had done it right. I decide to just listen while I wrote, but alas, we have almost arrived.