The Calm Point of View

Chapter 50

There is not much going on at school right now. Everyone is being cautious around Umbridge and they are all watching what they say, or don't say in this case, about Voldemort.

Draco heard from somewhere that Weasel made the Gryffindor quidditch team. Great, his obsession with Potter has spread to include Weasel.

I only mention this because he has dragged Pansy, Greg, and Vince to go watch the Gryffs practice.

I have now learned that Weasel fails at being a keeper when people are watching him and that one of the chasers, Alicia Spinnet, may bleed to death through her nose. Just as a sudden reminder to myself, and Briar who is reading this through my eyes as I write. Seriously brother, nothing better to do? We have an Inanimatus Conjurus essay to do for transfiguration that I may need some help on, and I have an essay on Jupiter's moons.

So much homework, I barely have time to write anymore. Though still nothing interesting to talk about.

Umbridge made the front page in the Prophet. She is now High Inquisitor. She has been an immediate success. Only at getting the Gryffindor and Slytherins to agree on something. Her classes suck.

I have discovered why Draco hasn't been complaining nearly as much as he normally does. His father is supporting Umbridge. Now add on the knowledge that Voldemort is back and I must conclude that somehow Umbridge is knowingly or unknowingly helping Voldemort with what she is doing. Oh, and my moonstone essay got an E for Exceeds Expectations. Briar got the same but his had a note thanking us for writing different essays. I had noticed that Professor Snape only grades one of our potions then gives the other the same mark and comments. Briar believes that Professor Snape just duplicates the grading paper and changes the name on top.

Professor Snape has declared that he will be marking everything just as he would our OWLs. Passing grades are Outstanding, Exceeds, and Acceptable. Failing grades are Poor (or Potter if you ask Draco), Dreadful, and Troll. I am fairly sure that Greg and Vince received T's on their essays.

Umbridge is currently inspecting all the teachers, I secretly think she is really inspecting how the teachers treat Potter. Briar says she has turned up during both divination and transfiguration. He found it entertaining how Professor McGonagall treated Umbridge.

Umbridge showed up in care of magical creatures. She didn't appear to be grading Professor Grubby-Plank on anything, probably because she is just covering for Hagrid. I was really hoping that Greg would answer when Umbridge asked him about injuries. I wanted to see her react to his tale of the nasty flobberworm bite. Sadly, Draco stepped in and talked about the hippogriff.

Potter apparently dislikes Draco as much as Draco dislikes him, since Potter got angry and got another night of detention. I couldn't help but ask Briar if Weasel's stupidity was contagious. I remembered being told in second year that Potter wasn't stupid. Briar says that Potter seems angry at the world that makes him seem insane just because they don't want to believe in nightmares. Someone should tell Potter that there are better ways to be angry.