The Calm Point of View

Chapter 31

A/N: I was told that one of my lovely readers, Dannabanana2000, was having a bad fay. so here are 5 chapters just for her.

A new day and suddenly Professor Snape is teaching DADA. Page three hundred ninety-four, werewolves. I will admit to being confused. Professor Snape was in another bad mood. I couldn't see why, he had always wanted to teach Defense. He also did not care what we were supposed to be learning about next. He was giving off a feeling that made me think he was proud of himself, like he was doing something cunning and sneaky. What about teaching us about werewolves is cunning and sneaky? Maybe I will learn something while doing the essay.

The quidditch match was today, it was supposed to be Gryffindor vs Slytherin, but Draco was still injured.

It was a scratch, it has definitely healed by now.

I figured they just didn't want to fly in this weather, I don't blame them, lightning was definitely a possible hazard on the pitch today. The weather is also the reason I chose not to go watch; I decided I would rather do the werewolf essay.

I regretted my decision when I discovered that dementors had descended on the quidditch game.

Briar would like me to add that he believes I am overly fascinated by the creatures. I would like to point out that even when I was happy on Halloween the dementors didn't affect me. I want to see what happens when I lower the shields that keep emotions out.

Briar says I should leave it for now and play with the dementors on the next Hogsmeade trip.

Two weeks to go before Christmas holidays. Professor Lupin said we didn't have to do the werewolf essay after all, but only Greg and Vince didn't finish so he allowed all of us to hand it in for bonus marks. Ironically, I believe Professor Lupin may actually be a werewolf. I shall start seeing how the timing of his sick days corresponds to the full moon. I know that the last time they corresponded perfectly, but just once could be a coincidence.

We leave for home tomorrow, we are fairly certain that means France. I have also recently discovered that yes, dementors do notice me when I lower my shields. I have also discovered that they do not take kindly to people suddenly appearing in their vision. I hid myself rather quickly when every dementor in range started heading towards me with a type of vigor.

Since Draco's arm was better Pansy had no excuse to stay so close to him anymore and Draco organized a boy's only day. Pansy, in retaliation organized a girl's day. I was not happy with it, I didn't mind Daphne, and I tolerate Pansy, but I don't believe I had ever even spoken to Millicent before. I haven't really spoken to Tracy either but she either wasn't invited or told Pansy no, I am not sure which. I feel I should also add that Millicent seems to have the same general IQ as Vincent. The poor girl believes she looks like a troll, and as Slytherins we are not the best at boosting her self-confidence. I did offer to give her a lotion that will make her skin irresistibly soft. I won't lie to myself. I offered in order to annoy Pansy by not offering her any. Daphne seems to have noticed what I was up to, I should give her some as well. To buy her silence.

The lotion isn't sold anywhere that I am aware of. Briar and I made it by accident when trying to remove a rash we got by playing in a bush of poison ivy. The lotion did remove the rash and made our skin really soft. It did not however remove the itch that came with the rash.

Grandfather got us to write down the combination of ingredients we used before he showed us a simple oatmeal bath to remove the itch.

Can't tell because I don't record times or anything, but I just left for an hour to rescue Briar from his own common room. He basically needed a nicely scented flower as quick as possible, I didn't have any, but I did have a bag of dried rose petals I was going to use for tea. Since Shadow is ignoring both of us right now I had to go deliver the petals myself.

The reason I had to go deliver my rose petals was because Briar was locked out of his dorm and the Weasley twins had set off dung bombs in the common room. My poor brother has an extremely sensitive sense of smell. Once I delivered the petals he crafted them into the semblance of a fragrant rose.

I really don't understand how setting off dung bombs in the common room is celebrating, why couldn't the Weasley twins celebrate like normal people with too many candies and pastries?

Briar is attempting to quietly read in the corner but some younger girls have found him. It is really quite funny. The girls wandered into his corner originally because it smelt better, but now they are flirting with him.

The smell of his rose apparently overwhelms his natural pheromones, or whatever we are calling it now. Briar is trying to decide if the smell or the chittering girls are worse. I think he is leaning towards the scent of dung bombs being worse.

Oh, Neville just joined him, the girls are not as talkative now. Briar is telling Neville that I brought the rose over and that I used a charm to improve the scent. Liar. I love him though. I can tell by the conversation that Neville has gained some sort of respect for me.

Now that I think about it, Neville may be the only person that has enough information to figure out that Briar and I are related.

Just went back and read some of my earlier entries, the train in first year to be exact. I mentioned to Neville and Hermione that I had a brother. It was in passing, he may not remember. If Hermione were to learn that Briar has a sister, she may be able to figure it out. I will tell Briar as soon as he is done discussing plants with Neville.