The Calm Point of View

Chapter 8

Our next potions assignment was another pair one, and Professor Snape partnered me with Draco. I was lucky he didn't get annoyed when without explanation I would tell him to wait before adding the next ingredient, or when I would suddenly stir counter-clockwise once before resuming in a clockwise direction.

Briar and his partner finished at the same time as Draco and I. Snape awarded Slytherin 10 points but asked Briar to stay after class.

I was curious so listened in on Briar after class. Professor Snape simply asked Briar if he would rather work with Neville or Seamus.

He is apparently hoping to lower the number of melted cauldrons and explosions that happen during our lessons.

Briar actually told Professor Snape the Seamus might be hopeless and would prefer to work with Neville. Then he asked why Professor Snape wanted him of all people to switch now.

Professor Snape starred at Briar and I felt like he was looking at me too somehow; but he answered that if we wanted to hide the fact that we were related then we would have to sit further apart in his class.

He actually explained that although he felt most of the class was hopeless when it came to using their heads, that even they would be able to figure out we were related if we were sitting almost next to each other while adding ingredients and stirring perfectly in sync.

I think I am happy Professor Snape noticed before a student did.

It occurs to me that I haven't documented a single transfiguration lesson. Briar is a lot better than me, but I do like Professor McGonagall.

Her lessons are precise and to the point. I wonder if she would teach me to be an animagus when I am older.

Briar thinks I would be a bird and fly in the sky, Draco thinks I would be a feline of some sort because of my personality. I wonder if it is possible to be a Griffin animagus.

I also haven't mentioned History of Magic...Well, there it is mentioned.

Professor Quirrell still gives me headaches I think I spend most of his lessons focused on Draco's emotions, they are evasive and tricky to find when Potter isn't around. It is a good distraction and helps me learn to tune out all other people's emotions.