The Calm Point of View

Chapter 35

Hogsmeade was interesting today. I managed to spend it with Briar for a small bit at the beginning before we went our separate ways. Him to buy some things for Neville and me to meet up with Pansy and Daphne. Millicent was going to meet up with us at Three Broomsticks originally, so was I, but it was easy to locate them in the crowd. I only had to open myself up a little and look for one person that showed disdain towards everything next to another person that is feeling wonder and happiness. Not really but that is the closest I will get to describing it. Daphne is hard to place. She is Slytherin, but she is rather peaceful and innocent. You try to describe an emotion as innocence. If you can I have learned much since writing this.

I found them outside the owlery. We were just heading towards Three Broomsticks discussing how wonderful Milli's skin looks since Christmas when Draco, Greg and Vince ran passed us towards Hogwarts with terrified expressions. Pansy gestured at me to follow and Daphne quietly whispered about damage control. I briefly asked them when I became Draco's keeper and they both answered that it had to be me since anyone else would get hexed or worse if they tried talking down to Draco. Sadly, they are right.

I took a carriage back since I didn't feel like running back. I made it only a few short moments behind Draco and the others. I could feel them still panicked and in the dungeons. From what I could tell; Draco, Greg, and Vince were assaulted by ghosts near the shrieking shack. They saw Potter's disembodied head floating in midair and that's when they ran. I grabbed Draco firmly by the shoulders and told him to think like a Slytherin. Since dementors were everywhere searching for the deceased Potter's killer; it was either an illusion from someone playing a prank from somewhere unseen, or Potter screwed up an invisibility charm. I really wish social standing allowed others to set Draco in his place.

My respect for Hermione rose quite a bit today. It was right after the Gryffs had Care of Magical Creatures and Draco had decided to go outside with Greg and Vince. I reluctantly followed after getting looks not just from Daphne and Pansy but also from Theodore and Blaise. I was fast enough to hear Draco making fun of Hagrid and watch Hermione slap him. She also said, and I quote, "Don't you dare call Hagrid pathetic you foul, you evil..." I wish Weasel hadn't interrupted her, I was really curious as to what she was going to call Draco. She even almost slapped him again but Weasel and Potter stopped her. Shame too, Draco was completely stunned silent before he regained enough wits to get Greg and Vince to follow him back to our common room. I had to follow them to remind them that we had to get to defense.

Draco seemed in his own world during defense and all through supper. He was being incredibly thoughtful and I was tempted to figure out how to get Hermione to slap him more often. Greg and Vince were quiet too since they won't say anything unless Draco does first; too much inbreeding I think. It is a shame they latched onto Draco instead of Blaise or Theodore.

Sorry, off topic. After dinner Draco dismissed Greg and Vince as he went for a walk. I followed to make sure he wasn't going to doing anything stupid. He really just seemed like he wanted to go for a walk. Only once did he stop, and that was to turn around and look at me to say "She is stronger than I thought she would be." before he continued to walk in silence. I don't know what to think about what he said, but I am happy that he didn't seem to be planning any retribution. As long as the Golden Trio doesn't spread the information around about Hermione slapping Draco then I don't think he will plan any. I let Briar know to way lay any rumors before they start. Draco is actually thinking seriously about something and I don't want him to sidetrack towards revenge. Draco is smart, I swear he is. He just gets easily focused on vengeance and revenge and doesn't quite finish thinking his plans through. Oh, and Briar says that Hermione seems to have missed charms even though I saw her at dinner. I hope she is okay, though I could see her needing to go to Madame Pomfrey. The slap was fairly hard, it is possible she injured her wrist or something and didn't notice right away.

Easter came and went quickly, tomorrow is Slytherin Vs. Gryffindor. Potter has had an entourage to protect him from injury, probably a good thing since I haven't seen Greg or Vincent around recently. The common room is currently empty and Draco is Pacing. He secretly knows that Potter is a better seeker and that Potter's firebolt is faster than his nimbus. He knows but won't admit it and he only shows confidence to everyone else. I spent forever trying to get Draco to sleep before I gave up and started writing. Draco has to win, to get Potter back for the mud, to prove that he isn't all talk. There is something else but he won't voice it, or even think it. I can tell when he gets close the that forbidden though because his pacing falters. Oh well, Draco is sure to get thirsty eventually and I will offer him some tea laced with sleep herbs courtesy of Briar.