The Calm Point of View

Chapter 57

A/N: I feel bad for how the the last chapter was so here is an extra one for you lovies.

I think I may have enjoyed Valentine's Day. I was disappointed that there were no dementors in Hogsmeade though. I think I surprised Shae when I told him. Briar says it isn't the kind of thing most people wish for on a Valentine's date. I did explain that I found them curious and wanted to study them. I also mentioned that one convict escaped 2 years ago and the dementors were everywhere, ten escaped and we didn't even feel the chill of one. He seemed to understand what I meant and we started discussing just how much truth there actually was in the ministries latest proclamations. We did talk about a large range of other topics as well. From favourite sweets to hobbies and favourite classes.

At one point we did come across Shae's friends, thankfully only one muttered that he was slumming it. Shae actually defended me and told his friend that he was lucky I accepted his invitation at all since on the last date I had been rudely insulted. This caused all but one of his friends to look ashamed. Thankfully Briar and Neville have wonderful timing. I think they were following us but Neville denied it.

Briar apologized for interrupting our conversation but a package arrived from Grandfather and he wanted to make sure I got my half of the pastries before some of the greedier Gryffs ate them all. Neville also asked if we had seen Luna Lovegood since he wanted to ask her about this one plant she had mentioned to Potter. Both Shae and I had to apologize that we hadn't as we offered some of my pastries to Shae's friends. I couldn't possibly eat them all to myself, only Greg and Vince had stomachs that big.

Shae took one right away as well as two of his friends, a third took one reluctantly and the forth refused unless I first ate one of his choosing. When I accepted with no hesitation it all but forced him to eat one as well.

I think seeing the easy acceptance of two Gryffindors was all two of Shae's friends needed to trust me enough to be polite. It felt nice to not be completely hated just because I wear a green tie. Briar says we should switch ties and see if anyone even notices. Either people will assume it is a prank or people will treat us on the bias of the house tie. No need to even try to know the results. Oh, and Shae's two nice friends are Martin and Sean. Learning their names led me to realize that they are all a year below me. I can't help but wonder why I never noticed before.

This morning a plethora of owls arrived for Potter. Briar says it is all fan mail, some good, some bad. By mid-morning The Quibbler had been banned. So, I did the logical thing and sent Shadow to Grandfather asking for a copy of the well discussed article.

Finally got the article. Grandfather had it copied onto willow bark which had already been broken into tea components. Briar was able to help resemble the tea long enough for us to read it. Umbridge caught us in one of her random inspections just after we had finished with it in the library. She made us turn out all of our visible pockets and demanded to know what the willow bark was. We told her it was sent from our grandfather for tea but she could have it since neither of us are really found of willow bark. To our surprise she accepted, I kind of hope the ink poisons her.