The Calm Point of View

Chapter 74

Briar has started to let Neville know when the Carrows are occupied. Neville in turn lets only the necessary people know. This was how we managed to save a group of fourth years from torture. Dumbledore's Army rose a clatter that got the Carrow twins out of the room while more of their members rescued the students inside.

No one saw me, but I did my best to slow the Carrows with barriers obstructing their way.

It is Christmas time again, Theo is staying at school but Briar and I are going to go home.

Grandfather decided not to have a party this year, he believes people would be too terrified or paranoid to come.

Rozenn is still invited over though, she is practically part of the family at this point.

Briar feels bad that he has found a love that understands and sticks by him, I keep telling him not to worry. In a worst-case scenario, I can always enter an agreement with Theo. Theo and I do get along well enough, but I only plan to do this if something happens to Briar. Briar is the family heir, not me.

It got Briar laughing. He told me to go be pure-blood somewhere else.

It isn't Briar or Rozenn's fault that Shae stopped corresponding with me. It does hurt a little, the looks I get. I don't mind the glares from Gryffindor. They are all fighting hard and are being punished for it. They don't see us fighting and we are an easy target for their anger.

The glares from Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff though; only member of the DA are fighting. The rest don't deserve to give us those looks.

Lovegood is decent though. She gave me a large bag of chocolate with a rose on it. She didn't say anything, just smiled sincerely and skipped away. It wasn't until she was gone that I recalled I was currently invisible. Just to make sure I made stupid faces at everyone that passed, I was indeed invisible behind all my shields.

I shared the chocolate with the other members of Rose after I got Briar to help me check for any strange or foreign ingredient.

Lovegood may seem loony, but people say the line between genius and madness is a thin one. I think Lovegood may be the smartest Ravenclaw, she just doesn't show it academically.