The Calm Point of View

Chapter 72

The train is emptier than usual, even with it being mandatory to attend. I didn't realize there were so many muggle-borns at Hogwarts.

The golden trio weren't on the train of course, Potter and Hermione were hopefully on the run. The youngest Weasley said her brother has splattergoit, I somehow don't fully believe her.

Briar made sure he sat with Gryffindors while I sat with Theo, Daphne and Milli. Theo passed out a few of our books. We have decided to call ourselves Rose. To be a part of Rose is to protect the younger students the best that we can.

The Gryffs will be showy and probably get punished, but we will have to protect without seeming to.

Today I discovered that if you get detention you have to have first years practice the cruciatus curse on you. This is where the wandless healing comes in. No one sees it and the only ones to know are the ones being healed.

Briar has passed out defense books in the Gryffs common room.

So far, our plans have worked well enough.

During defense class Briar refused to torture a fifth year that had done something to offend one or both of the Carrows.

I am still not sure what spell Amycus threw at Briar, but I blocked it.

Briar tells me I shouldn't have, but I didn't recognize it and wasn't about to risk it hitting him.

Either way, Amycus was angered more and demanded to know who had protected him.

I stood easily and confidently. When he threatened me, I told him that if he wanted to make the House of Tranquillitas his enemy it was his choice, but I saw nothing wrong with what my brother had done.

He was going to throw a spell at me next when both Neville and Draco told him to stop. I don't think I have ever seen a class so shocked.

The little fifth year Ravenclaw, with some prompting, took off for his common room during the confusion.

With both Slytherin and Gryffindor agreeing on something, Amycus told everyone to sit down as he resumed the class.