The Calm Point of View

Chapter 7

It was a couple of weeks before I was able to trace Draco's wand signature from some innocent spells he would hide in my books; we then switched books. We would practice with innocent things like sending back leg locker curses.

Snape got his essays in October and we returned the books, hopefully prepared for when my unknown enemy would strike next.

It was around this same time that my new bed curtains arrived. They are a beautiful deep violet, my favorite, with a blood red thread woven into a design. Briar had Grandfather custom order it for me without my knowledge.

The blood red thread turns out to be a rare paralytic plant tendril. Briar also had a long talk with the plant so that if anyone tries magic next to the curtain it shall trail out to wrap itself around their wrist.

If I haven't mentioned it before, I love my brother.

I should warn Draco not to cast any protective charms on my bed, but I don't think he will risk setting off the alarms now that I am in no danger.

I find that the busier I am the less I write in this thing. Must work on this problem.

This morning some of the other girls in my dorm were complaining that my curtain wasn't black like theirs. I explained that the last curtain was burnt after the draught spilt on it.

Did they seriously not notice that I didn't have a curtain for 3 weeks?

Well I told them that the curtain was a gift from my Grandfather in my favorite color and that I would return it telling him I couldn't except it because they said it wasn't black. They seemed fearful of this idea and decided to bother me about how I am keeping Draco all to myself.

This entire time I was gathering books I would need and was getting changed into my robes before breakfast.

So, I am keeping Draco (as if he were and object) blah blah blah, monopolizing his time, blah blah blah, get married, blah blah, no one else will ever have a chance to be in the running blah.

Part of me wanted to laugh, but that didn't seem like the Slytherin or pureblood thing to do. I was polite and let the girls finish before I corrected their thinking.

Now Slytherins don't have friends so I had needed the extra time to figure out how to describe what we were.

After thinking about it carefully I told them that Draco and I use each other to our own benefit. We both know we are using each other and that there is no intent for marriage. When he does decide to court someone, I shall graciously share him, but until then our partnership shall remain.

I also told them if they didn't hurry and get dressed that they would be late for breakfast.

When I exited the girl's dorms I almost collided with Draco who, from the smile on his face, was apparently listening.

I believe he said, "Geez Art, you have really mastered the whole not showing emotion thing. I would have thought you would have been at least a little angry at them."

I figured that was the best time to explain to him that I don't feel emotions. Draco stopped walking and starred at me, so I had to correct myself and apologized that what I told him wasn't quite right. I told him that I am unable to feel my own minor emotions. If he was to physically harm my brother in front of me I may show emotions and I would feel anger for sure, but for something minor I feel nothing.

Draco looked at me with his analyzing stare.

I told him then that he knew my family had special abilities, my inability to feel was a side effect of mine.

He started to ask what my ability was but I cut him off. Something like, "I can't tell you yet, I trust you with my secrets but until you prove your worth I can't trust you with my family's secrets." Merlin bless him he actually understands.

I had one more thing to clarify, and I am going to write it out word for word as I remember it.

"Draco, are we friends?"

"Slytherins don't have friends, they have underlings."

"Yes, but every Slytherin has one person they confide in that confides in them back with no fear their secrets would be spread. Vincent and Gregory have each other, Blaise and Theodore have each other. I confide in you and you and me, but more than that we have done things for each other that result in no benefit to ourselves"

Draco continued to walk towards to the great hall but muttered quietly so only I would hear just in case the corridor wasn't as deserted as it seemed, "We are friends, but if anyone finds out..."

"...both our reputations are shot." I finished for him in the same muttered tone.