The Calm Point of View

Chapter 20

There was a quidditch match today, Gryffindor vs Slytherin. Draco once again forced me to come. He wanted me to watch his debut as he beat Potter.

I sat with Daphne who came only because Pansy made her. When Daphne isn't talking about fashion or boys she is quite intelligent.

I will also admit that watching Potter get chased around by a rogue bludger was quite amusing.

I believe I need to take Draco out for some extra quidditch practice. Instead of looking for the snitch he thought it would be fun to torment Potter. I am positive everyone except Draco knew the snitch was hovering behind his ear.

So, Potter won and our AMAZING defense teacher somehow removed all the bones from Potter's broken arm.

The Slytherin's continue to purposely get all the questions on Lockheart's quizzes hilariously wrong. I believe Lockheart is starting to think we all managed to get misprinted text books.

Today and yesterday were interesting, for lack of a better word. The Gryffindor paparazzi child was petrified on his way to see Potter in the hospital wing. The school is in a panic.

Briar is helping make protective charms to sell. He is able to get hard to find plants and was promised a percentage of the prophets, so he agreed readily enough.

I asked him how the Weasley twins discovered his affinity for rare plants.

Apparently, he had a pure white fox glove on his night stand. He figured no one would recognize it, and if the twins hadn't come to tease their brother about something he would have been right.

Briar tells me it isn't quite the money he is doing it for, it is the false peace it gives people and because the twins won't prank people they find useful.

I remember laughing and telling him good luck selling one to anyone in Slytherin because we are all too smart for that.

It was earlier this evening I was proven wrong. I was laughing with Blaise and Draco over the amulets, some of them are quite ugly.

I am sure the twins did that on purpose.

So, Blaise was saying that no one in Slytherin would ever get one because the heir only attacks muggleborns and everyone in Slytherin is a pure-blood.

That is when we spotted Pansy wearing several of the ugly thing. One even seemed to purposely cutting off the blood flow in her wrist.

I sighed loudly when the two boys made me go talk sense into her, they reasoned that she would listen since we are both female.

I plan to stick slimy things in both their beds.

I went up to Pansy and carefully explained with great difficulty that Slytherin's heir didn't attack purebloods.

She seemed shocked for some reason, she figured the charms were just the latest trend. She quickly removed all the charms except the one on her wrist which wrapped itself even tighter when we tried to remove it.

It took me and both boys to pry it off and quickly incendio it to be on the safe side.

Briar found that bit of information hilarious and passed on the new to the Weasley twins. They were overjoyed in the success of their experiment.

I vow here and now never to except anything from the Weasley twins.