The Calm Point of View

Chapter 30

Longest two months ever. Pansy hanging around Draco is spoiling his ego rotten. Draco milking his injury for weeks and weeks. Draco complaining about our shabby Professor Wolf, yes Draco, I too speak French.

I feel like I am actually learning something this year. We have already covered redcaps and kappas. Turns out kappas actually do like cucumbers, and if you carve a person's name on the cucumber then it won't harm that person.

None of these matters though because it is Halloween!

Briar and I are going to Zonko's and the shrieking shack. We are definitely going to Honeyduke's since we need to restock on chocolate. Oh, and we will probably go to Dervish & Banges as well. Mostly we will enjoy spending time with together.

I was right, today was amazing! I love my brother, he is nice to my friends. We ran into Draco and Pansy at The Three Broomsticks. Draco called us over but we could tell from her face that Pansy didn't want company. Draco introduced us as Ares and Gemini, colleagues from France. He told her he invited us to visit this weekend and we had gotten special permission.

Briar made sure to say in French to Pansy that it is always a pleasure to spend time with a pretty flower. He actually means it to. Briar says that every female is a flower in her own right and there is no such thing as an ugly flower. The world would be a nicer place if everyone thought like that.

Pansy wasn't so hostile to us after Briar's greeting. I am not sure if she actually understands French or just felt flattered when he kissed her hand.

Draco was thankful for the save. We all love Pansy in our Slytherin way, but one must take her in small doses. Daphne is the only one able to put up with her all the time, but even she seems happy that Pansy is staying glued to Draco's side.

We finally got a perfect Halloween feast. Although Professor Snape kept glaring at Professor Lupin like he was either going to drop dead or turn into a monster at any moment. I opened myself up briefly to all the emotions, Professor Snape wasn't even trying to hide the apprehension he was feeling.

I just wanted to write while Hogsmeade was still fresh in my mind. There is currently a Halloween party happening in the common room that I plan to go enjoy.

It always has to happen on Halloween doesn't it? Troll, petrification, and now a mass murderer. Briar says the portrait guarding Gryffindor tower was shredded by Sirius Black when she refused to let him in without a password. Professor Snape came and grabbed us all and brought us to the Great Hall. Draco complained the whole way there.

First it was being taken against his will, then it was about having to sleep in the same room as mudbloods. I rolled my eyes at him but let him complain. I was happy that Pansy refused to let Draco see her in her nightwear, or something like that. Pointing out that Pansy was nowhere to be seen actually got Draco to smile slightly and mutter that maybe he could tolerate one night with mudbloods.

Mostly I am worried about Briar since he shares a room with Potter. Briar says I don't have to worry because he brought a miniature devil's snare to school and he keeps it on his nightstand. True it is supposed to have been bred to be harmless to anything larger than a rabbit, but I have no doubt one word from Briar will cause the thing to be its full grown and deadly self. I hope he won't have to use it. That would be rather difficult to explain.