The Calm Point of View

Chapter 60

All of our classes have stopped handing out homework and started us on revision.

We have discovered something that makes Defense fun again. We have set plants with vines to hiding Umbridge's things and set her pink roses to throwing out thorns whenever she is within range.

I am also enjoying placing invisible blockades that only last long enough for her to run into them. Shadow decided to help as well by using Umbridge's desk like a litterbox. Umbridge appears to have removed her kitten paintings.

Draco is falsely bragging that his father is friends with the examiner, Griselda March Banks. Madame Banks is actually a friend of Neville's gran and Neville has never heard her mention the Malfoy's before. Of course, I do know that Draco lies to himself in order to boost his own confidence.

There has been a spike in "brain-aids" like elixirs and dragon claw. People really need to realize that these exams are no different than any other except that they shove more importance onto them. I think it is secretly a test to see how well we do under pressure.

They have posted a list of things not allowed in the examination hall. Auto-answering quills, Remembralls, detachable cribbing cuffs, and self-correcting ink. They also posted that we shall get results sent by owl at the end of July.

End of week one of exams. Theory of Charms was on Monday morning. I immensely enjoyed it. Transfiguration was on Tuesday, although it was delayed for 10 minutes when someone accidently turned a ferret into a flock of flamingoes. Herbology was on Wednesday. Briar obviously enjoyed that one the most. Defense was on Thursday and we may have done the best in Slytherin, Umbridge really did fail as a teacher. Ancient runes was on Friday and now I have two days to revise for the remaining exams.

Second week of exams are done. Professor Snape assures me that I likely got and "O" in Potions on Monday. Tuesday was Care of Magical Creatures. Wednesday was packed with Astronomy written in the morning, divination for me and arithmancy for Briar in the afternoon. Then the Astronomy Practical that evening. I probably should have written this than but I was exhausted. During the Astronomy exam there was a loud roar from Hagrid's hut that echoed all over the grounds. I looked briefly before going back to my telescope, but then there was a bang that almost made me smash my eye into the scope. This time when I looked I could see Hagrid swinging his fists while six people tried to stun him. Hagrid's cowardly dog tried to defend him until he was hit with a spell. Hagrid got angrier and picked someone up and threw them about 10 feet. I remember making a note to myself at this point to not anger Hagrid. Then Professor McGonagall came running out shouting at the five men to know why they were trying to take Hagrid. Then with no warning at least four stunners hit her and she was sent flying. This caused Hagrid to be angry enough to knock out the remaining men before taking off into the forest with his dog. I was furious enough that if he hadn't I may have. At this point we had five minutes remaining so I quickly finished up my star chart.

I went away from that wondering how we were supposed to have faith in a government that tried to arrest people with no grounds and stunned old ladies with no warning. I cannot help but hope Voldemort forces some reforms before he eventually is defeated. I may be called an optimist for that view, but no man is completely immortal. It may take many years but eventually he will be taken down. Maybe by another new born.

Lastly, Thursday was History of Magic and nothing exciting or interesting happened.

From what I was able to tell by the impressive story Draco told me and the rumours I have heard; The truth involves Draco and his Inquisitorial Squad capturing Potter, Lovegood, Neville, Hermione and the 2 Weasley's in school. They were up to no good in Umbridge's office. The Inquisitorial squad managed to lose their captives quickly, and Draco was covered in bogey bats. Briar is going to see if he can find the person that cast that jinx to teach him. Maybe we can refine the spell so it only casts one bat. Then we can make Draco think that the original spell is still on him.

I am sure there will be some new educational degree tomorrow to put some new restriction on us.

I was quite pleased to learn I was wrong. Umbridge is currently in the Hospital Wing, so too are most of the students that had been in her office. There was, however, an article in the daily prophet about Voldemort being back and all Dumbledore's title's being reinstated.

Potter is once again "the-boy-who-lived" and apparently Voldemort appeared in the Ministry with his death eaters.

Draco is in a horrifying mood, no one even dares to sneeze near him. His father is in Azkaban.

One of the seventh years was stupid enough to try and comfort Draco by telling him that at least the dementors have gone. Thankfully for the seventh year Madame Pomfrey was able to remove the idiot's teeth from his nose.

Briar tells me that Draco just tried to ambush Potter in his compartment as some sort of revenge. Unfortunately for Draco, Greg, and Vince; some Hufflepuffs Potter had helped out were passing by. The three now resemble giant slugs. I may have paid the older Creevy boy to take several pictures. I told him my only motive was blackmail and that my brother had told me that he took the best pictures. the boy trusted me enough after that. I will cherish these pictures forever, I have a feeling they will be useful to keeping Draco in line.

Briar told me I should stop writing for the drive to the manor, just in case. I don't need to ask what 'just in case' means, but I do need to add one last things quickly so I won't think I imagined it later.

Potter had the strangest welcoming party. Professor Lupin, Mad-Eye, all the Weasleys I know about, and a lady with bright pink hair. I hope Professor Lupin is coming back to teach defense next year.