The Calm Point of View

Chapter 43

They have announced a Yule Ball, a Tri-Wizard tournament tradition. Draco asked Pansy to go under the condition that she stop dropping embarrassing hints everywhere. I am not always sure that the hat did a good job when it sorted Draco. He doesn't always seem to understand the whole cunning and manipulative nature, or maybe he is actually up to something. I hope he is up to something, maybe this will be his way of shoving Pansy away.

I am also surprised that I received an owl this morning asking me to the Yule Ball, well kind of asking me. It was a bunch of arithmancy problems with letters assigned to different outcomes. I got Briar to help in order to figure some of it out, as well as to get it done faster.

It turned out to be asking me to meet someone an hour before lights out at the library, back west corner, second floor. Draco raised an eyebrow when he saw me leave but I only smirked in response. As long as I come back on time he won't worry, Draco knows I can handle myself. Besides, Briar was very aware of the meeting and knows I would call him if I needed any help.

I arrived to see a Ravenclaw boy waiting at the table. He let out a sigh of relief and said he was happy I worked out his note. That was when he asked me to the Yule Ball.

Sadly, I didn't say yes, instead I asked him why me of all people. He told me it was because not only was I beautiful, but graceful and poised. I was intelligent and while not kind I wasn't cruel to anyone that didn't deserve it. Then he got quiet and muttered about how I had an innocence to me that wasn't often seen in Slytherins. Me being me then asked why he didn't just ask me to the ball. He blushed and Shae Chevalier answered that his friends wouldn't let him ask out any girl from another house without her first passing a test. He said I was also always surrounded by people. He isn't a brave Gryffindor.

That was about the time Briar told me to try and show some emotion for the guy. I blushed at Briar's words and told Shane I would be honoured to accompany him, I then sat down and apologized for the questions. Being in Slytherin makes us weary of traps since most people don't like us.

We talked for probably another 10 minutes before parting ways. I wished him goodnight and as an afterthought added that the next time his friends decide to test someone they should at least make sure the person is studying the subject matter.

Briar says that I may have made the poor boy fall even more in love with me. I don't see how he fell for me at all, it is not like we have many classes together.

I could feel Briar shaking his head at me tell me that we still have a lot to work on when it comes to me feeling emotions.

Tonight, was the Yule Ball. Briar took a lovely brunette from Beuxbaton, she asked him to accompany her when she saw him arranging some flowers around the school hallways. She wants to be an herbalist.

Briar wore satin black dress robes which made a lovely contrast to the girl's silk white ones.

Draco wore Black Velvet and Pansy wore a shade of pale pink that would have looked better on Draco than her. Greg and Vince didn't find partners but still managed to look okay in their green robes. Theo, Blaise, Daphne and Milli all came in together, I am not sure if they had paired up or not, but Daphne looked good in lilac. Milli cleaned up okay but still had a hint of troll to her appearance. She wore black. I wore a dark blue with a purple under weave in satin. Shae was in bright green robes and admitted it was a favourite colour when he was growing up.

His father was a wizard but died when he was young and his mother was a muggle so he got to grow up unaware of house colours.

Sorry back to describing the 'bouquet of people' as Briar called it.

Potter was wearing dark green and came in with Padma who was wearing pink. Then came Hermione with Krum. She looked stunning in pale blue with her hair straightened to perfection. I saw Draco pause and take her in. I knew he was regretting his heritage and upbringing, or hers. I was debating ditching my partner to go comfort him when I spotted Ronald Weasley. He was wearing some strange garment that was all maroon and frills. I didn't know if I should laugh at him or cry at his misfortune.

I sat with Shae and his friends. A couple of them admitted to surprise that a "snake" not even taking arithmancy was able to figure out the equations.

I responded with a polite political smile and said I wasn't taking the course because I knew it already and found it to be too easy.

I may not go out of my way to insult people but I am still a snake and I do know how to bite. I said as much near the end of the night. I may have hurt my chances of friendship with Shae; but I can only handle so many shrouded insults and overly intelligent language that is only being used in hopes to confuse me. I did think Shae was pleasant enough, but he needs better friends.

I did manage to outsmart the Ravenclaws during a conversation debating the healing properties of thyme over lavender.

For instance, lavender relieves pain, treats skin disorders, keeps hair healthy, improves digestion, relives respiratory disorders, stimulates urine production and improves blood circulation. Thyme can be used to treat gout, arthritis, wounds, bites, sores, nausea, fatigue, respiratory problems, skin conditions, athlete's foot, hangovers, and depression.

It can also be used to prevent acne and hair loss or be used as toothpaste. I prefer to use it as a bug repellent. Shae's friends thought that lavender was the more useful plant. Looking at what I wrote I now feel like a swot, so on to the dancing.

Shae wasn't the best dancer but he was far from the worst. We all had taken dance lessons in the weeks prior, although not many Slytherins actually required them. I made sure to dance with Draco a couple of times to save him from Pansy.

After one such dance Shae asked me if I liked Draco, I remember laughing and stating I only liked him as a brother I was constantly watching out for.

Here is the best part, Shae asked me if I needed to watch him because of his crush on Potter.

A small part of me wishes that I hadn't chosen to insult Shae's friends, I may not feel anything romantic towards Shae, but I think he would have made a good friend. It would be nice to have one I didn't need to babysit.

Briar says I should hang out with Theo more, but that sadly includes the downside of Blaise and his flirting ways. Plus, Grandfather said to be careful of death eater's children.

It is late and I hear the other girls coming, if I don't pretend to sleep now who knows how long they will keep me forced into their girl talk.