The Calm Point of View

Chapter 18

After the feast when we were all sitting around the common room, Briar informed me that the Gryffindor's were throwing a party for Weasley and Potter.

Apparently, they celebrate mischievous stupidity.

Briar says Potter is doing a good job staying ashamed with himself, but Weasley seems to like the attention. Of course, the Weasley twins are brilliant pranksters, Briar likes them.

This morning was amusing. An owl flew straight into Hermione's porridge. Briar says he is happy our cat delivers our mail. No feathers, no bird droppings, way more hygienic.

I was about to laugh and point out this fact to Draco when a shriek pierced all the conversation in the Great Hall. One Ronald Bilius Weasley had received a howler.

All thoughts of the howler were quickly wiped from Briar's thoughts when he discovered he had herbology first thing.

He says he would have loved for it to have been a double with Slytherin instead of Hufflepuff. Something about trying something he wants to show me.

I have a feeling this is why Briar gets along with the Weasley twins, his something new feels like mischief. I love it.

Unfortunately, Slytherins have history of magic first, thankfully it is followed by charms. After lunch we have herbology with the Ravenclaws.

Briar has defense after lunch, he decided to skip by meditating in the back in order to take herbology with me.

Even on the way to the greenhouses he refused to tell me what was in store. I was pleasantly surprised to discover baby mandrakes awaiting us.

Briar has a test in defense, it is all about the life of Lockheart, he is actually hoping he fails.

I didn't realize how bored Briar was until little vines started to move and yank the earmuffs off of Ravenclaw and Slytherin students alike. I smacked away one I saw coming for me and watched it go for Pansy instead, I let it.

Draco had seen what was happening and managed to secure his from the vines before he peacefully continued repotting his mandrake.

Most had found a way to copy Draco but a good portion of the class was still unconscious. Professor Sprout was going over the now still vines carefully, she had no idea why they had become so mischievous. That was when the mandrakes started singing, Professor Sprout asked us to finish quickly so she could dismiss us and find the prankster.

Briar apparently practiced on his own mandrake earlier but no one had noticed.

During supper I warned Draco about the pop quiz in Defense and its contents, someone else had overheard but instead of asking how I knew, it was decided every Slytherin would answer the questions wrong on purpose. Except for the one about his lifelong dream, that was hilarious enough by itself.

After supper quidditch tryouts were held. Draco forced me to come and watch. I reluctantly admit he performed well, but there were a couple of people that did better. He did manage to make it on the reserve team though.

He tried to get me to try-out as well but our team doesn't accept females. Something about pure blood females being delicate.

I would love to see flint tell that to Narcissa.