The Calm Point of View

Chapter 29

The morning started with Draco repeatedly doing a mimicry of Potter fainting in the most delicate of ways. I hate to admit it, because I don't want to encourage this obsession with Potter, but it was amusing.

We had Herbology first thing, Gryffindor had arithmancy. I had to tell Briar multiple times to pay attention to his own class because he was distracting me from my puffapod.

Second class was divination. I took this class instead of arithmancy because Briar really wanted arithmancy and if we share what we learn we get twice the knowledge without needing to figure out how to be in two places at once.

I must admit that I believe the divination teacher to have inhaled too much incense. She seems to thrive on news of death and chaos. According to Briar she told her earlier class that Potter is going to die and that McGonagall says she predicts at least one death every year.

In Draco's cup I saw a dog at the top which is supposed to be a favorable sign signaling good luck; Trelawney decided instead it was a grim and that Draco would be dead before the end of the day.

I highly doubted he would die, but I did see knives in his cup as well, that speaks of an injury. I read the cup as "Draco will be injured but his friends with stick by him and he will have a favourable outcome eventually". Our supposed Professor read the cup as "Draco will die horribly and painfully by an injury before the day is up".

Draco scoffed at her but I could see the fear in his eyes when I looked at him.

After lunch was care of magical creatures where we were first taught to stroke the spine of the book in order to open it. I think I shall send a letter to Flourish & Blotts to inform them of this trick. I grabbed my own book to spare the poor frazzled looking bookkeep. I had used a bubble charm to grab both mine and Draco's.

In Care of Magical Creatures; the lesson was on hippogriffs. Potter bowed and was polite and got to fly on one. It didn't seem quite as good as flying on a broomstick, but still well worth it. I was starting to make good progress and was actually enjoying myself. The light gold coloured hippogriff I had chosen had actually bowed to me and I was about to pet her when Draco screamed in pain. Not knowing what she would take as rude, I made sure to politely excuse myself from her magnificent presence.

Draco was laying on the ground bleeding from a gash in his arm. I saw Potter calm the hippogriff while Hagrid picked up Draco to bring him to the hospital wing. Draco kept screaming about how he was going to die. I knew that fortune telling had affected him.

After he had left Pansy kept crying about how her Draco was going to die. I ignored her and got Greg and Vincent to tell me exactly what happened word for word. I know Draco doesn't like Hagrid as a teacher, but the man knows animals and Draco should have known not to insult the prideful creatures.

Draco has been in the hospital wing for almost three days now, I went to visit him a couple of times but Pansy irritates me. I think Draco is flattered by her attention while simultaneously annoyed by it.

I did manage to see him Wednesday evening without her there. I told him that my tea reading was the more accurate one. He smirked slightly and thanked Merlin for that. Then I told him that instead of showing off for Potter he should listen to the lesson and that next time he shouldn't insult a prideful animal that attacks when insulted.

Draco turned a guilty shade of red and told me to go to bed since it was almost curfew.

I responded that he can ignore me all he wants, but he knows I am right, even if I don't expect him to admit it.

Draco made an appearance in Potions. Seems he has decided how to use his injury to his advantage. He sat next to Potter and Weasley's desk to everyone's surprise.

Most of Slytherin would have expected him to sit with me or Theo since we have the highest grades in potions. He would then use his injury to make us do all the work, and we would because he would owe us later. Instead Draco sat and complained to Professor Snape who then got Weasley and Potter to help him.

It was quite well thought out for Draco, using the Professor's hatred to get away with not owing anyone anything.

Weasley purposely mangled his cutting of Draco's daisy root and Professor Snape made them switch roots. Potter seemed to learn from Weasley and skinned Draco's shrivelfig quickly and properly. Then Weasley started to cut up Draco's caterpillars without even waiting to be told, I wouldn't have, but I have a strong backbone according to Grandfather.

Professor Snape was in a fouler mood than usual today, he actually threatened to feed Neville's orange shrinking solution to his toad. Something about too many rat spleens and too much leech juice. The fix for this is actually easier than one would think. Just add more of the other ingredients, just be careful about the order.

I am curious how people create new potions. "I am going to take this highly acidic plant, toss in the spleen of my dead pet and squeeze some leeches. Now let's test this on my new pet to see what it does." Seriously, how?

I will be sad for Neville if his toad dies, but maybe his gran will let him get something useful as a replacement.

The rest of the class I listened to Draco tease Potter with the knowledge of what Black did. He sounds almost friendly. Maybe Draco means it when he says he would personally track down someone responsible for his parents' death. Maybe he would, but he would hire other people to do the capturing. I could see him throwing the final spell though.

When my potion was done I silently asked Briar why he didn't help Neville. He answered that he was only tasked with making sure Neville's potions didn't explode. It made sense to me, and Briar agreed that Neville needs a new pet, one that actually likes him.

The toad was fine by the way, Hermione whispered instructions to Neville and the potion worked fine. Professor Snape ended up removing 5 points because Hermione wasn't supposed to help him. I missed that order apparently.

For their next class Gryffindor had DADA, we had that yesterday. It was interesting and informative, I probably should have written about it last night but I was tired and didn't have time this morning, so I will write it in here.

We faced a boggart. Professor Lupin taught us the spell riddikulus and told us to picture what we feared and picture something that would make our fear funny. Pansy fears snakes and when she went it turned into a balloon. It was fun to see Slytherins laughing and acting like the kids we are for once. I know I saw some people's parents as their fears, but it was lost in the laughter. I made sure to go last and I remember being glad Draco wasn't there to see it since he was still in the hospital wing.

When it was my turn the boggart turned into me, but my face looked like an emotionless mask. Littered on the ground around boggart me were a multitude of masks that looked like my face, each mask showed a different emotion and they were all trapped in little locked glass boxes.

I said riddikulus loudly and watched the scene turn into a muggle merry-go-round. Professor Lupin called Pansy to finish it off since she had gone first and as the class ended the Professor actually awarded us all 10 points for dealing with the boggart and an extra five points to Daphne and Theo for answering his questions correctly.

Professor Lupin kept me back as the others left. He asked me if everything was alright. I mentioned that members of my family have different abilities, something he admitted to already knowing about. I told him that the down-side to mine was being unable to feel emotions easily. I added that I am working on it but afraid I will never learn to feel them properly.

Professor Lupin gave me some chocolate and told me since I could fear something that it was a start and I had no reason to worry.

I hadn't thought of that and thanked him for the chocolate.

Back to today, they announced during dinner that our first Hogsmeade weekend is coming. Pansy is hanging off Draco and asked him to go with her. I plan on going with Briar. We are going to disguise ourselves just after we get there since they will be checking lists and we don't want to know what dementors will do to anyone in disguise.

A beautiful bonus is that the Hogsmeade weekend falls on Halloween!