The Calm Point of View

Chapter 47

It turns out that France is to be our permanent home until we have graduated from Hogwarts.

Grandfather has also declared that we shall be spending this summer working on our defensive spells and counter-spells as our abilities appear as good as we can make them for now. Coming from Grandfather this is a very large compliment.

Grandfather told us about how his Christmas party wasn't as elaborate without us there to help, but before we could start feeling guilty he told us that the Yule ball was the better choice. It being something that only happens during Tri-Wizard Tournaments.

I was right, Briar got me a crystal ball for our birthday, I got him some dragonhide gardening gloves. Just simple things since we skipped Christmas. Draco got Briar a watch that showed time, weather and season. For me Draco gave me a lovely pendent on silver chain that warns of poisons or potions in food. I mostly enjoyed the attached note addressed to Grandfather stating that the gift was not a courtship one.

We travelled in our usual disguises to the wizarding portion of town and Briar was quite surprised to find the girl he had danced with at Yule. Never have I seen my brother so nervous before, so I did what any good sister would do. I introduced myself and invited her to tea at our manor the next day.

I am surprised that she accepted. I was also shocked with Briar's anger.

He really likes the girl and didn't want to have to lie to her. Grandfather calmed everything down by telling Briar we didn't have to disguise ourselves while she was here. We just had to accept any consequences of our actions. We readily accepted Grandfather's terms.

Rozenn showed up at one today where I welcomed her. As I walked her to the sitting room I explained that for our own safety my brother and I go by false names and change our appearance when we are not at school, but my brother would like to be friends and not lie to her so we would greatly appreciate her secrecy on the matter. Poor girl looked confused but she agreed readily enough. Just before I opened the doors to the sitting room I told her that my real name is Artemis not Gemini, and I dropped the disguise.

To my astonishment she recognized me from Hogwarts, she remembers me dancing with a Ravenclaw. I laughed and told her that if she remembered me than she would definitely remember my twin brother.

I do not think I have ever seen any one person's face light up upon meeting a person again. Rozenn glowed when I opened the doors and she saw Briar.

After she had calmed we had to explain why our last names were different and just why we felt secrecy necessary for our safety.

I wanted to leave the two of them alone but Grandfather ordered me to act as chaperon.

Briar decided to show off the garden to Rozenn, I liked that it wasn't the flower garden she lingered in but the herb and tea gardens. We spent the rest of the afternoon and a bit of the evening there. Briar even made her some rosehip tea picked fresh. I kept to my earl grey.

Grandfather actually asked me to invite Draco over this summer but I received a reply politely declining. Draco said his presence was needed at home and he would instead invite me over but did not wish to place me in an uncomfortable situation.

Grandfather deduced that whether he had wanted it or not, Draco now belonged to the dark lord.

It sadly seems as if I shall be spending a lot more time with Blaise and Daphne. I will miss my friendship, but Draco has changed from who he was in first year and will begin to change a lot more in the coming year. I had always known I suppose, that our friendship wouldn't last, I just didn't know when the end would come.

I received a second letter from Draco well after proper young witches would be asleep. He simply stated that he knows of my feelings on the dark lord and in order to keep me safe he is going to keep his distance from me as much as possible. He also added at the bottom that mine and my family's secrets would forever be safe with him. He really loves drama sometimes. I did send back a reply with Discordia though. I simply said that even if we keep a physical distance, I am always here to support him and I am always an owl away. It is after all, hard to trap an apparating owl. My note at the bottom asked if Discordia could carry a person. Discordia appeared one last time before I drifted off to sleep, this note held only two words, "Thank you."