The Calm Point of View

Chapter 46

It is after supper now; our common room was a mix of people who didn't feel effected or were of the opinion that Voldemort's return may actually be a good thing. When I was asked my opinion, I stated that I have yet to form one, but as long as he doesn't try to force me to his will I won't actively try to kill him.

I got some confused looks from that, but also a couple looks of fear. Draco just looked thoughtful.

Briar laughed and told me I need to work on blending in with my surroundings. Easy for him to say, he said something similar to his house, only he said "Just let him try to force my will, if he does I will kill him." All about house and perspective I guess.

We were then all summoned to supper where it was confirmed that Diggory was dead. Dumbledore didn't tell us how he died, only gave a speech about not pestering Potter for the details.

It was not the happy victory feast it was supposed to be.

I am currently sitting on the train in a mysteriously empty compartment. The leaving feast was quite somber. Instead of house decorations there were only black drapes.

Dumbledore's end of year speech talked of acknowledging the loss of a fine person and how we should all raise our glasses to Cedric Diggory. For he was a good, loyal, hard worker that valued fair play. Then he went on to say that Diggory was murdered by Voldemort and that the ministry didn't want us to know.

As a dramatic finale, he stated that to claim Diggory died from an accident or because he made a stupid mistake would be a dishonour to Diggory's memory.

During all this Draco was muttering quietly to Greg and Vince.

I can't help but remember the names Briar and I uncovered this summer. I am a little surprised that Theo wasn't sitting with them.

After his speech, Dumbledore announced a toast to Potter, many tables stood and toasted, the majority of our table did not even twitch towards their goblets. I toasted, but I did not stand. When I got a questioning look from Pansy I told both her and Daphne that maybe if we pretended more than it would be possible for at least some other houses to like us. Both girls raised their goblets with mine a few moments later.

Dumbledore then followed up by telling our guests that they would be welcome back at any time and that we would all have to eventually choose between what is right and what is easy.

I will always choose my family over any other option. We are still kids. Choosing sides in a war isn't what we do. We will likely follow whatever choice our families make because we are still children who want our parents for comfort when we have a nightmare even if we are too proud to admit it. What is Voldemort if not a nightmare to many people.

Briar has told me to stop writing and enjoy the bright sunshine, and if possible to divine the future out of the window.

I told him that if he wants the future then he should get me some cards or a crystal ball. He laughed and said that he did. I guess I know what I am getting for my birthday now.

I have discovered that my compartment is near Potter's, from what I hear through the door, Potter and Hermione have Skeeter in a jar. Draco is being overly threatening and saying that Potter picked the losing side, that Weasel and Hermione will be the first to die now that the dark lord is back.

I saw the light of two hexes go past my compartment, and what may have been 3 raised voices in from Potter's compartment. I should probably check to see if Draco, Vince and Greg are still alive.

All three are alive and well, unless you count the tentacles growing out of Vince's face.

I believe it is karma for the very un-Slytherin way they spouted nonsense. I will make sure to tell the trolley lady about them as I leave.