The Calm Point of View

Chapter 40

I have started to think Care of Magical Creatures was a horrible class to try to teach, or maybe just a horrible class to give Hagrid.

We had to 'walk' blast-ended skrewts, well more like they walked us.

Briar zoned out completely and just let his drag him around. I think whenever they, blasted? they ended up killing all the plant life and the agony of the dying was starting to affect him.

I wanted to find some way to help but I needed to focus on not shielding myself out of pure survival instinct. It wouldn't look right or be very fair to my classmates if I somehow survived with no burns.

Thankfully Briar has some plants that he charmed Professor Sprout into letting him store in her greenhouses. They ease burns without us needing to coat ourselves in paste. Briar got permission to store them back in first year I believe, right around when we learned of Finnigan's perchance to make things explode.

I caught Draco with a S.P.E.W. badge tonight. He took it out of his bag in the common room. I don't think he meant to take it out though if I base it off his rapid eye sweep and the quick but discrete way he tucked it back into his bag.

Draco has been rather secretive lately, I found out why this morning when he called a meeting in the common room before breakfast. Draco started to hand everyone badges that glowed a lovely shade of blood red. Each badge read "Support CEDRIC DIGGORY - the REAL Hogwarts Champion!" He then tapped on one of them and the badge turned green and the script changed to read "POTTER STINKS."

Everything was fine until one of the older students asked if these were really spew badges. Turns out I wasn't the only one who had seen him in the common room. It was easy for me to tell Draco was panicked, a couple of people were nodding so it wasn't like he could deny it. He also didn't seem to have a ready excuse; he must have really believed that no one had seen.

I decided that I wanted him to owe me the truth and started laughing. Briar said this wouldn't have warranted any notice during a Gryffindor meeting, but in Slytherin it was very noticeable. That it came from me, the girl infamous for never showing emotion, it was almost terrifying to some in my house.

I laughed so hard that tears managed to form before I 'managed' to get my emotions back under control.

In reality I was channeling the emotions of a room of people when the Weasley twins had pulled off a prank Briar was thankfully nearby for.

I pretended that I only just realized how many looks I was getting and apologized. I don't remember my exact wording as it was very quickly improvised, but it was something along the lines of it just being too funny and I couldn't resist because I was the one to secretly place the badge in Draco's bag.

Draco seem to catch on to his way out and reacted instantly with an icy anger. He hissed things like "How dare you try and embarrass me." and demanding where I got the badge from. I shrugged and made a brief mention of connections before someone told Draco to deal with me privately and finish the bloody meeting so everyone could grab breakfast.

Draco responded by bragging about his charm work, thankfully he remembered to keep handing them out as he bragged.

As we went through the day I noticed a lot of houses asking us where they could get some badges, it was strangely successful, and nice to be treated like peers for once. Then we had potions.

It started as simply as Draco and all of us showing off our new badges and their little trick. Then Draco offered Hermione a badge, but he told her not to touch him because he didn't want mudblood germs.

I know other Slytherins have called her a mudblood, but it doesn't seem to bother her as much from them. I know I caught the briefest glimmer of hurt in her eyes when Draco said it. My attention was quickly drawn away from her though when Potter drew his wand in which Draco made sure to draw his for defense. Potter cast Furnunculus and Draco cast Densaugeo.

Not going to lie in my journal, I shielded both myself and Briar. Thankfully no one noticed as Potter's spell hit Greg and Draco's spell hit Hermione. Snape appeared with an actors timing and asked for an explanation. He ended up sending Greg to the hospital wing for removal of boils yet he told Hermione that she looked no different.

This made me a little angry. A teacher shouldn't act like a spoilt child.

Hermione took off running and Snape took 50 points from Gryffindor. Now while everyone was focused on Snape giving Potter and Weasel detention; I noticed Draco glance briefly at Hermione's retreating form. Curious, I sensed for Draco's emotions and noticed a small and well-hidden feeling of guilt.

I wonder if Draco harbor's a small crush on her, like the want for a forbidden fruit. It isn't like Hermione is ugly, she is more attractive than Pansy in my opinion. This is something to ponder and keep an eye open for more clues.

An article came out in the Daily Prophet today about Potter. He still cries over his parents and he is somehow the top student in our school. Oh, and let us not forget that he has found love with the stunningly beautiful Hermione Granger.

Draco laughed quietly while he was reading before he suddenly had a complete mood swing that he finished by angrily crumpling the paper and tossing it in the fire.

It was lucky no one else was in the common room with us at the time.

I asked him if he had something on his mind, he looked a t me as if he couldn't decide whether to lie or not. To my amazement he actually admitted that he did but wasn't able to tell me yet. I just nodded and left him alone while I continued to read my copy of the Prophet.

There was a tiny mention of Krum and Fleur, but nothing about Diggory. I think Skeeter has problems.

I remember that there was also a tiny mention of Bertha Jones from the ministry going missing when on vacation near Albania. Maybe there was something to what we had believed to be pointless information.