The Calm Point of View

Chapter 44

Hagrid is a half-giant according to the daily prophet. Draco spoke to Rita Skeeter, and apparently Greg did as well. The 'how' is where I am curious, especially since Skeeter is banned from the grounds and us students are stuck on them.

Draco wouldn't tell me for some reason, but Pansy did. Skeeter is a bug.

Wouldn't it be funny if someone accidently squished her or tried to use her for potion ingredients?

Briar is telling me this is actually more morbid than funny, and now he wants to work on acceptable humour, damn.

Hagrid wasn't at Care of Magical Creatures today, sadly it is the best class we have ever had. Professor Grubby-Plank taught us about the many properties of unicorns. It was a very lovely creature.

Petting it made me feel quite peaceful and relaxed, a feeling that has stuck with me until now.

Briar has told me that Draco is once again tormenting Potter with the truth. That boy really needs to start reading the prophet so he isn't so easily riled up over what it says.

Draco invited "Ares" and "Gemini" to Hogsmeade with him, apparently there was a group trip and then everyone except Pansy ended up finding something better to do. Blaise got himself a date with two girls at once, they seem okay with it. Greg and Vince ended up in detention. Theo and Daphne decided to go out alone. Milli said she wanted to study. Tracy had better things to do, and I had refused from the very beginning so I could spend time with Briar.

We all met up at the three broomsticks in time to hear Hermione finish telling off Skeeter. I hate to say it, but that was incredibly stupid. Never tell off someone with the power to sway public opinion unless you either have someone better at it on your side or you have blackmail on them. Words can take down a kingdom and fools are gullible. It is also difficult to fight rumours because the harder you fight, the more it seems like you are denying the truth.

Today was the second task. Mermaids took a champions most important person and the champion had to go into the lake to rescue him or her. Briar was laughing about how all the gifts he has gotten from Draco would have been incredibly useful things for Potter to have summoned. Could you just imagine Draco's face?

Unfortunately, Potter never seemed to ask anyone for help. Neville even had a useful book on plants that talked about gillyweed. Pride may bring about his death. Thankfully Potter knew about gillyweed without asking Neville. Diggory and Fleur used a bubblehead charm, and Krum seems to have half turned into a shark.

Fleur had to be rescued from grindylows, sad really. Professor Lupin taught us how to deal with those last year, Fleur is about three years older than us.

Potter once again proved he is an idiot by making sure all prisoners were rescued. If he had just rescued his own special person than he would be extremely far in the lead.

Also, why was Potter's special one a guy? all the other "damsels in distress" were actual damsels. Maybe it says more about Weasel than it does about Potter, his dress robes were rather feminine.

I hope Diggory wins.