The Calm Point of View

Chapter 28

That was an interesting train ride. I was sharing a compartment with Blaise, Daphne, Theo, Pansy, Draco, Greg and Vincent since the whole train was crowded. Briar was with the Weasley twins the quidditch announcer and a couple other Gryfs. The trip was peaceful despite how crowded it was. The girls were talking of useless things, the guys were talking quidditch, and we were all discussing what extra classes we had decided on.

Draco stood up and decided to go what I have deemed "Potter Hunting" and we didn't stop him because it provided us with a bit of extra room. That was when the train slowed to a stop about two hours from our destination. Theo had stood up and was going to see why and then he froze. Everyone explained it as all happiness they had ever felt in their lives just draining away. Then the compartment doors opened to reveal a dark billowing creature trying to enter.

Everyone looked so morose, like everything had turned black & white with no hint of colour left. I didn't feel any of this, which is normal. Briar does believe I will get better at feeling emotion soon. Sorry, on topic again. I may have acted a bit more Gryffindor than most Slytherin's would, but I don't think anyone cared because it would be admitting they owed me. I stood up and got between the billowing creature and my housemates. The creature seemed almost confused before it stepped back and left.

Soon the train was moving again and everyone was gaining colour slowly. Draco, Greg and Vincent returned after that and it was a nice silent hour before anyone felt settled enough to speak. Even then it was just Pansy clarifying that Draco was okay. Blaise did use that distraction to wonder quietly what possessed me to stand protectively in front of everyone. I whispered back that I wasn't as affected as everyone else and it seemed logical to try and get rid of it before I too was caught in the effect. That seemed to pacify Blaise. I am not sure if the others heard my answer over Pansy's cooing.

Draco had ended up running frightened into Briar's compartment like a sad little girl while Greg and Vince crouched like cowards in the hall. Neville ran in before Draco had left and was telling Briar that Potter had fainted. Neville was apparently hoping Briar would have a plant or something he could use to help, but I wish he hadn't been so shaken that he hadn't noticed Draco. Draco doesn't need more material to use against Potter.

First thing Draco does when we all climb off the train was to take Vincent and Greg to go make fun of Potter's fainting spell. Some skinny man who was dressed fairly shabbily came over and Draco backed down. Apparently said man is a Professor.

This time it was McGonagall missing from the feast, she showed up with Hermione and Potter right after the sorting. Dumbledore said that the billowing creatures are dementors and that the ministry has forced them on the school for our protection. Also, not to antagonize them since they do not differentiate between adult and child. Knowing now what the creatures are I plan to research them further.

Dumbledore introduced the skinny man as Professor Lupin, our new Defense against the Dark Arts teacher. He doesn't look like much but he can't be worse than Lockheart. Professor Snape glares it him just as badly as he glares at Potter, Snape isn't even trying to hide his dislike.

Dumbledore also announced that Professor Kettleburn had retired and the giant would be our new care of magical creatures Professor.

Briar is telling me that Dementors felt like they were eating his happiness, thankfully the trolley lady showed up and handed him free chocolate to make him feel normal again. Would have been nice if she brought my compartment free chocolate. Maybe she figured Slytherins didn't need cheering up. Briar says I am getting off topic. The point is that chocolate works as a mild cure for the after effects and if they are stationed around the school we should probably stock up on chocolate.

Here is hoping that the strange start is a sign of a good year to come.