Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 101

The Gryffindors, as a whole, seemed marginally more inclined to like Harry Potter after the lesson. Maybe it was just him establishing that he wasn't running away from prior commitments? He knew he probably shouldn't care that much, but they were his house. He really should have learned his lesson and stopped counting on them. But when was the last time he'd done something the right way - the first time? With a wince, Harry mentally heard himself shouting out for Sirius...

Hermione looked at him and winked, saying, "Well, we didn't die, so I guess that lesson worked out pretty well."

Harry nodded, not quite listening, then saying, "It wasn't my lesson! It was Hannah's!"

"Really...?" Hermione said, "So you were really taking Hannah for a walk around the lake?"

"well," harry said, suddenly staring down at his shoes. "maybe not..."

Later, Harry ascended to his room, going up earlier than anyone else because all of a sudden he felt ferociously tired, like his exhaustion would eat him alive.

On his bed was a golden coin. It looked like Hermione's golden galleon... except that it had a phoenix on it.

RoR 3:30pm Saturday

was what the coin read.

Harry picked it up, and found a small white note on his bed. "Newly minted." it said.

Hmph, Harry thought. Who could, would have written that?

More importantly, this was obviously an Order meeting, and Harry was excited. He hadn't seen mention of Voldemort in the papers for, oh, say, about five weeks now. It was vaguely worrisome.

Finally some answers!

Before he could spend another second worrying, sleep claimed him like an inexorable tide.

Hogsmeade Weekend! was Harry's first thought on rising. There's a special sort of life in Hogwarts whenever it's a Hogsmeade weekend, the snap and sizzle of possibilities (though, to be fair, Harry'd only been in Gryffindor Tower. He idly pictured a tenser, more snake-coiled-in-waiting intensity in the Slytherin common room, and then quietly giggled - of course they were just as excited. Wasn't Harry's fault if they were shite for showing it).

Harry flung his curtains open, finding Neville sitting up as he opened his curtains. "Ow!" Neville said, a golden coin falling from his face onto his morning wood. Poor Neville - he must not have noticed the coin last night.

Without a second thought (or a by your leave), Harry jumped into Neville's bed, pulling the curtains shut. "Keep that out of public view." Harry said in a low and reasonable voice (he'd plenty of experience at whispers being overheard, courtesy of Piers Polkins).

"What is it, Harry?" Neville asked, adopting the same reverential tone.

[a/n: yes, this is going to conflict with Hogsmeade. You know what harry will pick.


Who's writing harry the note, and why?]