Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 291

Harry went to Herbology next, and was glad to sink into the fight against the noxious (and toxic) weeds that were encircling the Devil's Snare. It was a difficult assignment, as you had to spray doxyvenom on the weeds, while defending yourself against the cantankerous Devil's Snare with fire. Better yet, it was engrossing. If Aunt Petunia's garden had been like this, Harry thought with a grin, he'd have willingly weeded!

Dinner was one of those uncertain times, when Harry's mind turned to what was next - in this case Defense Study Session - whatever Zach was calling it this year. One of the Slytherins was supposed to be teaching, and Harry absently hoped it would be Goyle. They'd not done nearly what the DADA classes were supposed to do with magical creatures. Of course, that was because it was difficult to get a Hippogriff into the castle without questions. Maybe Goyle was better with notice-me-not charms? Or, knowing him, he'd just unleash a herd of crups, and chase the one that went up towards the 7th floor. When asked later, he'd simply say, "Didn't think they'd run off like that." Harry well knew there were times when being thought stupid was a good, lifesaving thing. He'd done it all the time at the Dursleys.

After dinner, Snape laid out a sobering potion, and three bottles of foxwine. It had always been his drink of choice when composing - and often enough when writing monographs. He couldn't use it while mixing potions, of course, but while brainstorming, it always inspired him.

To hell with the glasses, Snape thought, laying down the parchment and starting to write. I need this done quick, I've got homework to grade. Snape's mouth flicked up into a strange semblance of a smile at that.

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