Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 327

Harry Potter rose for his normal (now quite boring) run around the castle. He tried to tell himself that he didn't miss Snape's hounding (or pouncing). He couldn't even convince himself of that, though. He found himself leaping over places with bad footing (and with his arms tucked in, so he could flail away a hard landing).

Harry was done venting, and really could use a sounding board. The only problem was, there was nobody he could talk to.

Oh, he could just imagine the look on Ron's face. You-He? He's turned you into a traitor the greasy git."

And then Harry would respond, "He's a spy, not a dark lord"

"Yes, but he's turned you to HIS side!"

... except that was kinda sorta maybe true. It had seemed so simple, when Snape had asked him to find a way to get the houses talking to each other. Forming the DA had been fun, too.

It had to be when Snape had split a gasket over the newly-reformed Illicit Defense Club.

Harry'd made a decision without even knowing it. It had felt good to be useful, to be doing something - for the war? Harry hadn't even asked what his assignments were for, come to think of it. Knowing Snape, it wouldn't just be for a fucking prank.

At least there was that.

Oh, Harry thought, his stomach twisting He could try telling Hermione. Except Hermione would just hex him silly, for what he'd done. Not that Harry wouldn't deserve it, but ... Hermione was the one who had stolen Snape's books off Madame Pince's desk. She'd seemed so proud of herself, too.

And Harry didn't really know anyone else that well. Except Neville, or Luna, or Ginny.

And Ginny would flip out. Her temper was legendary - and Harry felt that getting Snape hexed was probably not a good way to increase his life expectancy.

Neville was still afraid of Snape, at least a little bit, and Harry didn't want any hero worship because he'd done something Completely Boneheaded.

Luna would listen, but she never seemed wholly in this world in the first place.

Or, if Harry REALLY wanted a laugh, he could have a go telling Draco Malfoy. Oh, boy, that'd go over well. "Oh, yes, this is really what you were asked to look up!" and furthermore "Your Head of House has been playing you for a bigger fool than I am."

Malfoy wouldn't hex. He'd use poison.

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