Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 248

It was Dinnertime, so the Great Hall was crowded. Harry Potter considered himself lucky that the Gryffindors would, mostly, shield him from the girls. Even the younger Gryffindor girls. They hadn't seemed to realize they were doing it, but that was fine too. Seamus and Ron and Neville and Dean and Hermione, all clustered around him, Dennis and Colin and Ginny a bit farther away.

Malfoy didn't look like he was doing as well, his friends merrily half the table away, as hordes of Slytherin girls (and a flock of Ravenclaws) sat nearby and chatted him up. Harry was deeply envious at how easily Malfoy managed to make talking to Girls seem. Harry didn't know what they'd want to talk to him about, and he certainly didn't want to share his feelings with them. Because, really, "You're an awful person for wanting to date me when we've barely said two words to one another, and I thoroughly hate you" is NOT suitable dinner conversation.

Something he'd picked up last summer at his relations' house, upon Dudley attempting to ask out his father's boss' daughter.

So, if even his relations considered it wrong to do at the dinner table, he'd best steer well clear. Girls around here came with hexes, don'tcha know?

"Have you noticed?" Luna said, from a position about a fist from Harry's ear. He did jump in his seat, barely restraining himself from finding better concealment.

"Luna! I didn't notice you there!" Harry said, his voice breaking in the middle, which made everyone laugh.

"Naturally," Luna said, her eyes turning from Harry... and looking at the Slytherin table, "Have you noticed that Draco Malfoy doesn't look like himself lately? Honestly, he looks like an entirely different person."

Hmm... Harry thought, giving himself a bit of time to think about it, "I can't actually picture him being this nice, no." Harry said, considering, "I'd have expected him to lose patience and start hexing, actually..."

Luna laughed, her silvery laughter permeating the room, "Oh Harry," she said softly, "Never literal, are we?"

Harry chalked that up as something else he'd figure out later - which seemed to often be the case with the daffy Ravenclaw.

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Harry's being a bit more ironic/sarcastic than "Actually listens to his Relatives", by the way.]