Nobody ever asked my birthday

Not every secret is best left buried

Greg Goyle walked into the foyer of the Malfoy's house. In theory, he was rejoining his parents, as he'd done dozens of times before.

In reality?

In reality, his eyes held the unpleasant light of unanswered questions. "Who am I, really?"

"Why, you're a Goyle," His father, who looked like a lout, answered with a laugh, "Wouldn't do to give the name to just anyone, you know?" Greg always appreciated his father - a man who could spin two rough-hewn meanings out of a single solid saying. Half the time, the more eloquent wizards didn't even realize he'd done it.

Still, Greg was glad that his friend Draco had lingered at the door. It was nice to know that the smaller, more talented wizard had his back.

As if he hadn't been eavesdropping, Potions Master Snape descended the staircase, his manner nonchalant and imperious at once.

He did not deign to notice the Goyles. He wasn't their guest, after all.

Instead, he sent a thin smile at Malfoy, and said, "As always, it's been a pleasure."

Draco Malfoy bowed, and then stepped forward.

"Hogwarts awaits," Snape said, taking Draco Malfoy by the arm, and towing the small lordling out the door.

Draco Malfoy had managed a pleasant enough demeanor at Lucius' Manor, but the moment Snape had apparated them both, Draco's face turned ugly. It sneered, as it lit up with a sort of unholy glee. "Did you mean what you said, about that Mudblood?"

Snape wanted to roll his eyes. Malfoy was behaving as if this was gossip. Instead, he gave his young charge a glare, "If you say one word to besmirch anyone's reputation, you will pay for it." Because, really, that was the last thing that he needed, some white knight of a Gryffindor charging into his office, convinced that Severus Snape, who hated children, was secretly seducing Hermione Granger.

Draco Malfoy smirked.

A second later, Draco Malfoy was flung against a tree, Severus Snape holding him up with a forearm crossing Malfoy's throat. "Perhaps you misunderstood?" Snape's eyes glinted evilly. He let the little whelp drop - and the useless twerp slid down the tree.

He did not stand, but did at least make eyecontact with Snape, and nodded emphatically.

And then Snape had a rather wicked idea.

He bent over Draco Malfoy, and used one fingertip to guide Draco's chin upward, from beneath. "Did you really think that if I loosed my darkest desires, they would be for petty, swottish Mudblood girls?"

Snape's laugh was dark, as he bent closer to Draco's face. "Or, do you think my darkest desires might turn towards little pureblood princes, as innocent as milk... And as blond?"

Draco Malfoy gulped, his eyes wide, as he tried to both maintain eye contact and not look into the eyes of his teacher, his godfather.

Snape could see that Malfoy hadn't spared a single thought for his teacher's sexuality (that, he considered, was probably a good thing).

"Remember, sweet summer's child, keep these words to yourself." Snape said, standing to full height and striding towards Hogwarts. Malfoy was as incapable of not telling anyone as Potter was. It was what came of having trusted allies - or in Potter's case, friends.

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