Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 140

Have you ever had one of those days, when nothing sunk into your thick skull? When something was on your mind, and you couldn't get it out, and everything that anyone else said just didn't sink in?

This was not one of those days for Harry Potter.

It was one of those days for Hermione Granger, and her 'I need to talk to you' signals were what was interfering with his studies. Luckily, Hermione was usually a peach about studying, so Harry could count on her to actually go over the material he had missed... because of her. He wouldn't even need to guilt her into it. She was nice like that. Responsible.

It wasn't a breakfast conversation, and it wasn't a lunchtime conversation, and it especially wasn't a "between or during classes" conversation (which he was glad about, as those tended to get him into unnecessary trouble.).

Harry felt the expected tug from Hermione's small hand, as she urgently tugged him towards the library. At least Ron was busy, and wouldn't be bumbling in. Harry loved Ron, and all that, but he had a feeling this conversation might, might just be something better settled one on one.

"So what's up, Hermione? " Harry asked, as she started to lay out books, creating the illusion of studying.

"The gall of that boy! The utter chutzpah!" Hermione spat.

"Who, Malfoy?" Harry asked, though he already knew the answer.

"Yes! He claimed that he was doing you a 'favor' by not getting involved yesterday... evening." Hermione said the last word lowly.

"Did he say I owed him?" Harry asked pointedly.

"No, but that's not the point!" Hermione said. "They were coming up with all these outlandish rumors -"

"I know-" Harry said,

"I was half ready to hex him, even though he said he wouldn't do anything to you."

"I wish you'd been up and center to deal with the witches, instead - if Malfoy's going to break his word," Harry said, thinking as he went, "I don't think you'll be able to block him." Hermione's face darkened, and Harry hastily added, "at least not from that range."

"That's another thing! Why did you invite him to our practice sessions? Wasn't the whole point for us to practice together?"

"Yeah, but if we don't invite him, he'll find his way in ... again. I'm not going to play the stupid word games to keep Slytherins out. That may not be futile, but it very certainly is a complete waste of time."

"But how are we going to practice?" Hermione asked querulously.

"Oh, I'm sure I'll come up with a way. Besides, I doubt Malfoy will be making most of our sessions." That was one of Harry's 'just a feeling' - in this case, that he could convince Snape to massage the patrol schedules.

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