Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 313

Harry, who had been packing up his books to go (not that he'd really looked in them, but having them out seemed to settle the Ravenclaws and Hermione down, as if he'd actually been helping. Books didn't teach him much, but... ), looked up, and continued to put them away.

When everyone had left the room, except for Snape - behind the podium, and Harry himself, Harry approached, light on his feet and his wand in his hand, not quite ready to cast, but definitely wary. As he approached, the door closed behind him, and Harry could almost feel the secrecy spells swirling around himself.

"Sir?" Harry prompted.

Snape sneered, "As I have neither the time nor the inclination to sort through these, you may consider this your next assignment." Snape then flourished the homework assignments, drawing them out of the podium itself (a small ledge Harry hadn't noticed before).

"You did cast a second spell!" Harry exclaimed excitedly.

"You noticed." Snape said, sounding not at all surprised, "You'll find that people tend to assume papers set on fire will turn to ash. A simple duplication spell, hidden behind the podium." Harry nodded excitedly, and Snape continued, "The ability to cast two spells at once is useful in of itself, as you can see."

Harry blinked at that, realizing that Snape was saying more than he was saying - there was another reason he'd gotten that assignment. Better not to ask, Harry thought wryly.

Returning his attention to the papers, Harry eyed them like he would a snake about to strike, "What should I look for, sir?"

"Whatever you might find profitable." Snape said, slamming the pages down on top of the podium. "It goes without saying that you are not to let anyone else know that you have these pages."

Snape turned, as if to leave, and paused, turning only his head back towards Harry. "I wouldn't be sure, if I was you, that everyone told the truth in class today. And that includes the students who claimed they lied."

Snape left, and Harry quietly opened his bag, grabbing up his History of Magic book, and stuffing the pages inside, not caring that it would break the spine.

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