Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 93

It wasn't until shortly after lunch that Harry pulled the galleon out of his pocket, checking it in a little used supply closet. Tommorrow. 7pm - that made it directly after dinner, and gave them about three hours (comfortably speaking) to cover something.

The Patronus was really a brilliant thing to cover, Harry thought, as he walked into his next class. Now, I just have to make sure that's what's on the menu. He wrote a neat message on the back of his coin, and settled in to wait until after dinner. His mind was full of ideas, so many that it spun, but he figured he'd be able to put together something coherent, on the spot.

Harry strolled out of the castle, enjoying the crisp autumn air on his face. He headed towards the rushes and stones by the Black Lake.

Hannah was standing there, and Harry's breath hitched a second when he saw her. She was looking... was that makeup?

Shite. Shite. Shite. Please tell me that wasn't for me!

"Hannah," Harry said softly, and she turned towards him.

"Harry!" She said excitedly, "You wanted to meet me out here? Want to take a walk?"

"Sure, I guess," Harry said, shrugging uncomfortably.

"I was thinking about the DA..." Harry started, as Hannah just looked over at him.

"Yes, Harry?" she said, dimpling.

"Could you maybe start tommorrow by teaching the Patronus?" Harry said, "You've always been one of the best at getting other people to find their own."

Hannah smiled, saying, "Oh, Harry, you say the sweetest things." Her smile seemed - warmer? than it had just a few moments ago. "I'm not sure how well I'll be able to do with the Slytherins, though..."

"What do you mean?" Harry asked uncomfortably.

"Well, they always seem so... closed. And cold. Awfully, chillily cold." Hannah continued.

"That hasn't been my experience." Harry said, shuffling his feet.

"Well, of course not, you always hang around Malfoy." Hannah said, laughing.

"Other way round, actually..." Harry said, "Malfoy hangs around me. Kinda like a lost owl..."

Hannah laughed at that, and then turned her blue eyes on him, as she tugged at her neat pigtails, "Was that why you wanted to meet me?"

Harry swallowed, feeling incredibly awkward, "Um, yes?" And he turned hopefully baffled eyes at her.

"Oh, thank god!" Hannah said, as she gathered him into a meaty full-contact hug.

With all her bits pressed against Harry's, Hannah continued, "It's just that Susan said... And then she made me dress up..."

Harry pulled back a bit to watch Hannah's head, still resting on his shoulder and definitely not looking at him. "I didn't want to hurt your feelings!"

Harry snickered, and then chortled, and then he was laughing. "And here, I was worried that you'd gotten the wrong idea, and that I'd have to let you down gently..."

Hannah pulled back herself, and looked Harry in the eyes, "No, not me! That was Susan!"

They laughed together, relaxed again, as they walked back to the castle.

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