Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 110

Harry smiled, as he peeked out from behind the curtain. Everyone seemed to have a different definition of what would create a happy memory, and as more people showed up, the Room of Requirement got steadily more bombastic and intricate. Maybe you had to be there, Harry thought, bouncing from puffy cloud to cloud, trying to reach Cloud Nine (it was labeled, thank you Hermione), or in Vince's world of vicious breezes and swifter than Satan broomsticks. I think that's more thrilling than gleeful, Harry thought, although he'd looked at what Luna had first conjured, and just gotten calm, rather than happy, so what did he know?

Someone was baking a pie, Harry could tell, sniffing at the scent wafting over his curtains. Peeking out the other side of the curtain, he could see... That's Theo Nott, nicking a pie off the windowsill. Catching Harry looking at him, Nott gave the green eyed boy a wink. I don't think I've ever seen him smile... Harry considered.

Hermione had, for some strange reason, gone into the broomstick space, and was casting... spells? As Harry watched, the broomsticks began careening out of control, some of the weaker flyers crying out in fear, and some of the stronger ones just holding on for the ride. But Hermione still had her wand up, and she began spinning it slowly, and the broomsticks got ever more wild. As people fell, they disappeared from the scene and Harry would just have to hope that they weren't gone for good, or bleeding. Finally, Hermione gave a final wave of her wand, and all the broomsticks disappeared, leaving multiple students screaming bloody murder as they plummeted toward the ground.

Harry closed his eyes, suddenly thankful that the RoR was soundproof.

Harry heard gleeful giggling, a sort of hysterical laughter, and opened his eyes. The broomstick flyers were crowding around Hermione - they were all on trampolines, Harry suddenly recognized, and started to bounce her into the air. Unharmed, relieved - and unexpectedly playful.

Harry hadn't really believed that he could, would, ever see some of this.

Draco Malfoy walked through the scenes, seeming as if the entire thing might roll off his back, not interacting with anything. The Hufflepuffs had created a skinship zone, where people were hugging each other, and Draco sidestepped a few of them, as they nearly fell trying to interact with a body that wasn't there.

It's showtime!

Harry's magic whipped the curtain back, and he stood there, three red balls in his hands, as he let the crowd get a good gander at him. Dressed in baggy clothes, with big shoes, Harry's face was painted sad, and he had a big red nose, so he'd look like a drunk. Well, a drunk he could play, at least. "Shtep right up- Here's da showsh! Juggling and dancing -" People were starting to gather, from other realities, other happy places.

Harry started to juggle, never paying no mind that he didn't really know how. It made it awkward, trying to catch three things and have them in the air at once, but that just lead to wild armed flailing and balls half the time on the floor. It was utterly ridiculous, and out of the corner of his eye, Harry caught one of the Slytherin girls smothering a grin.

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