Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 28

Marbles spilled out towards Tonks and Shaklebolt, the Twins sending cursory spells at them - Stunners, and a few Aquamentis, just enough to make the entire alley treacherous. Then the wind spells started coming, the twins hunkered down behind barrels, sending windspells out as the aurors conferred, their response being fire. But the marbles and wet were swirling and the twins only shrieked as a nearby barrel was set on fire. A stunner flew by them from behind, and Fred - or was it George, squeaked. One of the twins sent a Protego behind them, the shield not quite strong enough to do more than deflect - and then Harry saw what it was trying to do - take the Stunner and send it toward the other sniper. Was that Arthur or Molly? Harry wasn't quite sure.

Tick, Tock, Tick Tock. "Well, well, well, what have we here?" Moody groused, coming up from behind the aurors. Tonks fell in a heap at Moody's words, her legs knocking Shaklebolt over. As luck (or was that fate?) would have it, Tonks was out for the count. Shacklebolt cursed as he scrambled back up, standing full and straight into a Stunner reflected from a mirror spell above him.

Tick, tock, tick, tock. Kablam!

The entire area exploded into colors, sparkling and flashing and dancing all around them. Green, cerise, Magenta, cyan, brick red, blood red, pine green, royal blue, sandpiper, beige - there were colors Harry hadn't realized even existed, ultramarine and some blackest reds. Blinking, the entire audience attempted to get their vision back (including the twins, who were shouting "I'm blind!" at each other, until they descended into a round of Marco Polo. Amusingly enough, even while blind, they managed to wander the room - entirely due to the fact that Snape was in a corner, and thus not likely to hex them for running him over.) Harry simply lifted his legs when he saw the two twin-shaped shadows approaching.

As everyone's vision resolved, the screen showed five members of the Order of the Phoenix, staring mesmerized at a dipping bird. "How does it work?" Arthur Weasley asked, as the screen faded to black.

The screen flashed brightly again, showing the twins together, inspecting the end of the alleyway, in which there stood a cup, as if it was a courtyard. And, Harry thought, perhaps it was. The building around the court looked surprisingly solid. "Where's Snape?" One twin asked the other.

"Dunno. You want to... "

"Take a risk?"

"Absolutely. We're"


At that they both ran full tilt for the cup, grabbing it and apparating back to the starting point. An instant later, Snape dropped his Chameleon spell, and winked at the camera, his wand in full view. The screen turned black. Harry Potter blinked, as the room plunged into near darkness. Yes, Snape had been wearing gloves.

"Why was Snape even there, if he wasn't going to fight?" Molly groused.

Harry let his voice rise up, "He did fight. He was the only one who managed to truly hurt them, after all."

"Harrumph" Molly groused. "We'd have taken them on a second try."

"Not the point, Molly," Snape purred in his deadly fashion, "The point was how badly you underestimated them." Harry found himself nodding. If they couldn't even reliably know the strengths - and weaknesses of their own children, why exactly were they so deadset against training them? Harry Potter didn't even want to- now that he knew that it was an option, at any rate - run straight pell mell towards Voldemort. But that was different from letting everyone you cared about run into battle without doing a damn thing. "We could fold bandages" Harry found himself muttering grimly, his mind on a Florence Nightingale flick. Anything was better than sitting around doing nothing.

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