Nobody ever asked my birthday

He wouldn't

Harry tried to pull his attention back to the meeting. It didn't work, necessarily, but he tried his damnedest. What he mostly understood was the strain on everyone. The sense of a fighting retreat. The line he remembered most was Shacklebolt's "Travers won't listen to a blasted thing I say anymore!"

Moody's cackling laughter had followed, "I told you he'd bend, not break."

And that was the problem, wasn't it just? They didn't have enough resources, and the Dark was pushing at all their weak points. Snape had even said that Lord Voldemort had been looking at invading Hogwarts. Was that even possible? Harry thought, It had to be. Snape's not preparing us for a war we'll reach years from now.

Hermione gave a brief report about "Dumbledore's Army" (blessedly ignoring the idea that there were Slytherins, Death Eater among them). She used a whiteboard, drawing figures and signs. Harry hadn't told her that they were essentially helping Snape continue to teach when he was ... indisposed. Harry vaguely thought he should, and then vaguely thought he shouldn't. How was he supposed to tell her how he knew this? Wouldn't she just lecture him for having a go at Professor Snape again? And that's if she believed him.

After the meeting, Harry found his broomstick and took off. Something was bothering him, as much as he didn't want to be bothered by it. Snape had said with perfect sincerity that he wasn't a traitor. That was an odd thing to contradict someone on. They all knew it, didn't they? Dumbledore's spy. Harry had a sharp recollection of Snape being cackled at by Bellatrix last year - she fully believed he was a traitor.

Yet, Harry could easily see Snape saying, My side is comprised of me alone. I look out for myself, you nitwit. Harry didn't believe that, as far as he could throw it.

Had Snape been lying? What was the point to lying about something... so obvious? What was the point in telling the truth if it wasn't?

Harry got off his broom with questions still swirling like the wind a half mile high above. He headed for his dorm room, to get a quill and parchment. He had an unassigned homework assignment to do. Not that harry would expect a grade.

[a/n: So, Harry's decided to try and pick that statement apart. Why not give a try yourself in the review? Is Snape lying? If he's not, who's he talking to? Who doesn't he want to get the message?

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