Nobody ever asked my birthday

Never could tell

When Draco Malfoy had agreed to let Potter teach him how to be a better Seeker, he'd been expecting tips. Demonstrations. Something like what that ridiculous (and marvelously effective) Defense Club was doing.

What Draco Malfoy got, this rainy Sunday in November, was Harry Potter playing MatchUp.

Which wouldn't have normally been a problem, per se. Draco was decent at brooms, and better at playing catch-up than at finding the snitch in the first place.

Draco Malfoy had seen Harry Potter on a broomstick at least a hundred times by now (not that they were supposed to be watching each other's practices, but a Slytherin never gives up an advantage easily). Potter generally was this peculiar sort of "genuine happy" that Draco Malfoy never could manage - not to act, not to be.

That wasn't the Potter he was confronting today - this one was mad. Draco had rather a lot of experience making Potter angry, so he couldn't help but wonder who'd done it this time. Well, that was, when he wasn't dodging the Mad Gryffindor.

Potter was capable of death-defying feats with a grin on his face. Witness first year, and swallowing the snitch.

ANGRY Potter was more of a harasser - Draco had to keep his eyes more on Potter than on the snitch. And not just because Potter had better eyes for that glorious glint of gold.

Draco saw Potter turning, two stories above him. Nearly instinctively, Draco pressed his chest to his broomstick, using the decreased wind resistance to get the hell out of the way. As he pulled himself out of the careen, Draco caught a glimpse of black-on-black, from the 3rd floor hallway the infatuated girls loved to use to ogle the Quiddich teams.

Snape, his mouth curled down into a slight frown.

Draco couldn't tell whether Snape was there to prevent 'unnecessary deaths,' or whether he just wanted to watch the flying, but Draco somehow felt better knowing he was there.

Draco banked as he saw Potter homing in on his position, trying to look behind him to at least catch a glimpse of the snitch if Potter'd seen it.

Both boys had salt caked to their faces, and dripping wet Quiddich uniforms by the time they were done. They shook hands (Potter managed a smile that seemed forced), and headed for the lockers before dinner.

[a/n: Draco's a Zoe, Harry's a Zelda. Discuss.

This is a bit of an external perspective. But we know that Harry doesn't regulate emotions terribly well, and he's getting out some frustrations. As madcap dangerous as he's being, note that neither of them get sent to the hospital.

Guesses on why Snape's watching? Remember, this is Snape, who tends to have multiple reasons.

Welcome to the Present, to the guest who's been commenting. I love your comments, they're insightful! As to your latest question - Draco knew better than to ask his father. That's why Draco isn't in deeper trouble than Harry right now. That said, if Snape had asked Voldemort to spare Lily, it would have been done in private. If Voldemort would have said no, that would have been extremely humiliating for Snape, so he'd do it with as few witnesses as possible. It's also an open question if Harry Potter would believe Lucius Malfoy on anything of any substance, and Draco really doesn't know anything - and even if he did, what's the benefit for telling Potter about that?!

To readers who care about such things: Part of the narrative device of the last chapter is having Minerva be sympathetic to Snape - Snape doesn't actually tell her that Draco asked Narcissa, for example, which lets me run on about why Snape's so mad at Harry, which wasn't quite as well explained at the time, due to Snape being perfectly furious. A less incandescent-with-rage Snape would have actually left the door open to Harry telling Snape what Voldemort is interested in.]