Nobody ever asked my birthday

Breaking Pt

Thursday, Harry spent the entire day trying to find time. Time that seemed in increasingly short supply. He had tests, and studies, and charms to finish.

He also needed to figure out a way to avoid being paired with Malfoy, not tomorrow, but the Potions after that. He was still scrambling as he walked into the Room of Requirement, finding Malfoy already there, aimlessly flipping a coin with his wand.

Malfoy. Harry found himself staring. Looking for weaknesses, as if that was something that Malfoy would let lie on the surface and not scrub off, or bury deep to the bone.

Without looking up, Malfoy drawls, "Potter, are you falling in love with me or something?" He finally looks up, his eyes sharp as icicles. "Only I thought we were here to fight?"

"Anytime," Harry says, his mouth starting to curl into an honest grin. Harry starts, of course, with an Expelliarmus. Malfoy blocks it with a shield, and they're off, swinging into the thick of a battle, filling the air with the sizzle of hexes.

Worse, when Hermione and Ron walk into the room, they walk nearly directly into Things You Don't Want to get Hit With. Harry and Malfoy break off, as Ron lets out a string of curses, and Hermione says, "Boys! You're supposed to wait until we all get here."

Malfoy puts on a pout, and said, "Harry started it."

Hermione looks back and forth at both of them, as if trying to verify the veracity of the assertion.

Five shakes and they're both busting up laughing at her.

Hermione has her hands on her hips, "What?"

"You didn't believe me!" Malfoy said, raising his head in a snit.

Then everyone burst out laughing, because the idea of Hermione believing Malfoy on faith was completely ridiculous.

Harry lay in his bed, flipping through Snape's DADA book. If Harry didn't know how to stop Malfoy, maybe he could focus on being too much of a pain to Snape? Well, Sn ape, he realized, would detest emotion.

Crikey! Harry thought in a sudden burst of excitement. That's going to work!

It took him nearly an hour to think through everything, and he'd still have things to do in the morning.

Switching Potions Partners was Never this fun!

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