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Yuletide Detention

Snape's detentions had been predictable, Harry thought. Obtain cauldron, clean cauldron. Rinse, wash, repeat. They were thoroughly mind-numbing, which might have driven Harry crazy if he was the type who had thoughts darting through his mind like silverfish. Instead, he did what he'd always done at the Dursleys, and sunk into the work. It was a deeper level than thinking, an automated state where he could just keep going.

If the summons to the Great Hall, of all places, wasn't a clue that This One Was Different, Harry wasn't sure what would be.

As Harry walked into the Great Hall, he saw Draco Malfoy talking to a third year in Gryffindor colors. That was Jake, wasn't it? He also appeared to be here for detention, as he was nodding along to what Malfoy was saying.

Draco Malfoy looked up as the doors to the Great Hall closed behind Harry. "Potter, you're late."

"Three minutes early," Harry Potter volleyed back, "And you're a liar."

"It took you six years to come to that conclusion?" Malfoy smirked back, completely unphased. "Come along, our former Gamekeeper is holding what we'll need for this detention."

Before leaving, Malfoy turned around and looked at Jake, "Gryff three, do you have this until we get back?" Harry startled at the nickname, and then decided he liked it. He was starting to dimly wonder what Malfoy would have been like, as a person, if the Gryffindors (well, Harry, really) hadn't as much as declared war on him from the moment he stepped into Hogwarts.

"Aye, aye, sir." Jake said, giving a cocky salute.

In stony silence, Draco put on a brutal pace, through the halls of Hogwarts, taking the stairs down three at a time. Harry enjoyed the speed, using his quick reflexes to keep his stability when the staircases started to move. Even Peeves couldn't stop their headlong progress.

As they burst through the doors to the outside, Malfoy send Potter a look, smirking, "Winded yet?"

Harry, grinning, said, "Not on your life!" He'd been running every morning - this was nothing but a bit of deft footwork. Harry was good at footwork.

Halfway to Hagrid's, Malfoy stopped loping, squatting down with his hands on his knees. Was he wheezing? Harry thought, That's overdoing it. you may not train every morning like I do, but you're not that out of shape.

After a moment, Draco Malfoy stood and started walking. Without looking at Harry, he said, "Do you know how difficult it is to find six Gryffindors to give detention to, in just one day?"

Harry Potter asked, "What do you mean?"

Draco Malfoy says, "I only managed two - you and that third year." Draco Malfoy looked back at Potter, smirking a bit, "Guess who gets to make them up?"

Harry Potter looked more incredulous than anything, as if he didn't believe..., "You do? You couldn't have just found some Ravenclaws or Hufflepuffs?"

Draco Malfoy said, "Who's in Snape's squad? That's right, Ravenclaws. And Hufflepuffs never do anything that deserves detention."

Harry Potter smirked, "And what happens in Slytherin stays in Slytherin."

Malfoy gave Potter a gentle clout to the head, "You're not supposed to know that, dumb-head."*

Harry laces his hands behind his head, "I'm smart enough to have figured it out." Harry did, actually, feel marginally better knowing that Malfoy was also doing detentions (for his inattention or lack of perspicacity, Harry supposed).

They walked in silence for a while, before reaching Hagrid's hut. Harry watched, curiously, as Draco Malfoy rapped smartly on Hagrid's door. When there was no response, Harry decided to have a go at Draco, "Knock harder or he might not hear you." he advised.

Draco Malfoy knocked hard enough that he woke Fang up. Seeing how Hagrid's door didn't knock, Draco had seconds to move out of the way of the door before getting flattened. Harry had his wand ready to help,just in case.

Draco dodged the door.

Draco didn't dodge the dog. He yelped, and was borne down to the muddy ground.

Hagrid, drawn by all the commotion, said, "He's friendly! Couldn't hurt a fly!"

*dumb-head sounds weird in english, but it's a standard german insult.

[a/n: Have you worked out what the detention is yet? Harry pranking Draco came just out of left field, and though it may seem planned to have Jake getting this detention, he actually got in Different Trouble to get it.]