Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 321

Harry Potter closed those two steps in one bound, bringing his face precisely 3 millimeters from Malfoy's. "Go away, Malfoy. If you don't, I'll punch you, and I don't want to punch you right now."

Malfoy took two studied paces backwards, "Why don't you want to punch me?"

"Because when I punch you I want to enjoy it." Harry Potter said, and was momentarily gratified to see Malfoy's face cloud over with thought.

Suddenly, Malfoy's head nodded crisply, and harry could see the moment his thoughts changed. Malfoy's face took on an easy, laughing smirk, "You weren't at ... today. Surprising, that. Woulda figured you'd want to watch me teach the first time."

Harry's face didn't change as he shot back, "If only to murder you along with the rest of the Gryffs."

Draco snorted, and said, "I'm not much of a shoulder to cry on, but if you need someone to break your nose, or you just need someone's nose to break, I'll be there."

It was a lie, plain and simple. but it was a sweet lie. Harry was growing to hate sweet lies.

Harry strode off, leaving his back wide open to Malfoy without a second thought.

If Malfoy tried a sneak attack, Harry would kill him. And that was that.

Instincts were a bitch to retrain, and There Was A War On.

Harry wouldn't apologize for what needed to be done.

Harry's lily was transparent - not white, but clear. Luna Lovegood frowned as she saw him heading towards Gryffindor. That's not the right way, she thought.

Harry's knuckles still hurt, but he was just world-weary and worn-out. He stumbled up to Gryffindor, and barely made it to his bed before he collapsed in a state of unconsciousness.

Severus Snape was not a man to regret his choices. He was a careful man, and weighed choices before acting, so why should he ever feel remorse for doing what was right? Severus Snape made mistakes, as did anyone. But, the difference between a spy and an assassin is how many mistakes your team's made today. One fuckup means someone's gotta die. And deaths were both messy and noticeable. Proper spies specialized in being quiet. Snape was a proper torturer too, though he really didn't advertise the fact. The best torturers, after all, leave no mark on the victim.

Still, Snape had expected to hear something out of the perpetually outraged and indignant Potter. He'd thought he could puzzle out what was going on, but without even a word, Snape was as lost in the fog of war as any man.

[a/n: Snape makes bets on people's behavior. Harry's not the only one.