Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 155

"Well, Mister Potter, I suppose you can wait and see if he shows." Draco Malfoy drawled, his lips curling into a victorious smirk. "If he doesn't, we can simply move it to tomorrow."

Harry Potter turned on his laser eyes of death, and drilled them into... the back of Draco Malfoy's head, as the blond swaggered his way out of the dungeons. Unfortunately, just like every other time Harry Potter had tried this, they failed to work.

So, with basically nothing to do except wait, and cursing Draco Malfoy for being a gitty git git and so utterly full of shite that... Harry Potter started to review things.

His mind flashed back to the last time he had actually been talking with Malfoy (civilly for once, it was passing strange). Malfoy's needling about Harry marrying Pansy was a little pointed, come to think of it. Was Malfoy trying to say that the Properly Gryffindor way to save Pansy was to marry her? Maybe he was... Harry considered, before shaking his head. If that was the only "proper" way to do some heroing about the situation, she could well rot. Seriously, Harry Potter didn't want to know if that was the case, as it would ... sort of bug him, in an itchy short of way. No, if that was the case, Harry'd rather it not be the case, but didn't want to go out of his way to fix it either. And he didn't exactly fancy himself some sort of matchmaker that could actually find a way to help Pansy out with marriage. Assuming she wasn't going to marry Malfoy... Was that what Malfoy was trying to say? That he couldn't stand her? Well, in that way, he was pretty clearly her friend? Or whatever Slytherins have instead of friends, that seems way too Hufflepuff a term...

Harry suddenly realized he'd spent about five minutes thinking about something that he didn't really care that much about.

Harry Potter returned to staring at Snape's door, wishing the man would just show up, and slowly starting to worry that he wouldn't. After all, Malfoy had created this detention, and may not have bothered to tell Snape. If it was just going to be cauldron scrubbing, Harry felt like Snape didn't really need that much warning either.

Harry Potter idly tried to figure out if there was ever a time when Snape hadn't been at school. He couldn't really think of one off the top of his head - wait, his head! There had certainly been times when Snape had been kneeling before his Dark Lord and Master... but Harry didn't feel anything from that quarter. If he could believe his own head, which hadn't been the most reliable barometer in the past.

Three hours later, his detention was done. Still no sign of Snape. Would he even be there tomorrow? Harry certainly didn't know, and he felt more and more certain that Malfoy didn't either. Would Malfoy the Death Eater know if Snape was summoned? Harry Potter blinked at having put it that way, even in his mind. Somehow, it seemed true and mostly false at the same time. Huh. He'd have to consider that further...

[a/n: This is what happens when you stick Harry Potter in front of a door for three hours. He has a good think.