Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 150

Severus Snape looked at Harry Potter, covering his forehead in his hand, with his thumb outstretched along a temple. It was a queer gesture, and Harry only belatedly put together that it was meant to shield Snape's eyes from nonexistent light.

"You've been speaking to Draco Malfoy again, I take it?" Snape said, in a sort of quiet exasperation that came out like a sigh.

Harry Potter nodded crisply. "Hermione heard as well."

Severus Snape rolled his eyes at that one, saying, "Of course she did. What pray tell brought that into conversation?"

"A discussion of inbreeding and outbreeding." Harry Potter said, recollecting himself quickly as he put in nearly before Snape had opened his mouth, "A civil discussion."

"Ah." Severus Snape said, lacing his hands behind his back as he strode over towards Potter. "Lucius Malfoy is a scholar of wizarding lore." Snape spun, his robes flaring out as he faced Potter again, his long strides taking him back and forth across the room, like a panther pacing in a cage. "As such, he has countless tomes describing spell lore, among other things."

Harry Potter just looked at Severus Snape, his head moving to keep fluid track of his teacher.

"Draco Malfoy is no scholar; he reads what he wills, and chooses what to think based on what is convenient for him." Snape said, looking at Harry Potter, "I have not mentioned the words Wild Magic, because they are a false construction. If I could, I'd find a way for you to never have heard of them."

"Why's that?" Harry Potter asked.

"Because those are words constructed out of pure fear." Snape said, his mouth quirking into what was not quite a straight line - maybe less of a frown?

"Constructing new spells is a difficult business," Snape said, "All the moreso if you want them to work for someone else. That is how Miss Lovegood's mother lost her life, after all."

Harry stared at Professor Snape, surprised that he'd known, or cared enough to familiarize himself with her circumstances.

Snape, catching the question in Potter's eye, responded softly, "Anyone who can see thestrals at such a young age is deserving of special notice and care."

"And someone like Parkinson isn't?!" Harry said, his eyes blazing brightly in the dim light.

Snape looked at Harry Potter for a long moment, and then said, softly and chidingly, "There can be more than one reason to give a particular student special treatment, Potter."

Harry Potter looked at the floor, his ears tipped bright red.

"I can assure you that House Slytherin looks after its own, as best we may." Professor Snape said, and Harry - sneaking a glance up at Snape, saw something - hot and ferocious in Snape's eye. Something that Snape hadn't let into his face, let alone his voice. But Harry marked it, nonetheless.

"As to the so-called Wild Magic?" Snape continued, "It is pure rubbish. Designed to prevent dullards from attempting things that would ruin them." Harry Potter heard in that statement the quiet confidence that Snape would never voice - you are not a dullard.

"Besides," Snape continued, starting to pace again, "Dark Magic is as different from most of what people would call Wild Magic as to be a separate species. The entire term is ridiculous!" Snape said, throwing up his hands as he paced away from Harry Potter.

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