Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 281

"A galleon this is to teach us how to murder each other," Harry said, smiling mirthlessly. Snape's class had been enough to distract him from things he Wasn't To Think About until later in the evening; but, Harry hated the standing about.

"Bit steep for betting, isn't it, Harry?" Ron asked, and they both knew that he didn't have a galleon to spare.

"Oh, that's not the opening bid. You can bid a knut for all I care. Whoever's right wins the pot." Harry said.

Draco Malfoy said, "Five galleons on reaction time."

Hermione Granger said, "A sickle on offense makes the best defense."

"So unconfident, are you?" Malfoy sneered.

"No. It's what's in my pocket right now, and I suspect we'll want the pool handled as soon as possible."

Nott snorted, "As if we're going to be paying up while Snape's watching us. Ten galleons on trying to get us to kill each other." Around him, plenty of people exchanged glances. Harry could see the glances, but wasn't quite sure what they meant.

"A knut on how to bleed," Ron said, smiling that goofy grin.

Goyle, for once covering for Ron's poverty, said, "Another on how not to bleed. You always did like hard knocks, Weasel." Ron gave a good-humored smile back at Goyle.

Su Li for her part looked lost, sniffing out a "I don't believe you're betting on lessons..."

"Why shouldn't we?" Harry said, "Snape means for us to be thinking, and this just means we'll think better for the stakes."

[a/n: Yes, they will think better for that. What do you think Snape's up to? (and no, he wouldn't want people gambling on his lesson plans!) Does serve him right for being such a tricksy bastard.

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