Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 198

"What?" Harry Potter finally managed to stammer, before (quite belatedly) recollecting that he was going somewhere.

"That explanation you promised me. I'd like it. Now, if you would be so kind." Pansy was smiling a soft, sweet smile that Harry was sure didn't belong anywhere on her face, so it raised his hackles immediately.

"I... why can't you ask Hermione?" Harry finally got out, "I wasn't heading upstairs for my health, you know!"

"Because I hate her, and her explanations are boring." Pansy said, "If I wanted facts, I'd talk with her, sure. But that's not what I want."

"I'd really love to say and chat-" Harry said, before colliding face first into the invisible wall Pansy had probably erected just as he was turning to leave.

"I forgave you last time." Pansy said, "I shan't again, so, for the moment, my needs come first."

Harry, who by this point was on the floor, and hoping his nose wasn't bleeding - again, sat up, glaring at her. "Okay, ask your questions. But be quick about it, I'd rather not have the people I was supposed to meet stumbling into the both of us in a crooked little alcove on the sixth floor."

"As you wish." Pansy said, her mouth smirking.

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