Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 108

Sunday dawned, crisp and clear - the sky the actinic blue of Autumn, piercingly bright. Harry Potter rose as a force of will, sweeping through the Gryffindor dorms - a nudge here, a cough there. People begin to stir. Harry's already dressed, with his robes looking pressed and pristine. Which would be all to the good and all, if his wayward, rampant hair wasn't ruining the look. It was apparently trying for a mohawk today. Harry had decided he wasn't speaking to his hair, and was going to ignore it, because it always did what it wanted.

Harry went down the stairs, and found himself staring up at the Girls' side of the dorm. It was such a beautiful day, it would be a shame if anyone wasted any last second of it. And so, Harry began to sing. "Ri-ise and Shine, and Give God the Glory Glory..." It was a song that Harry'd heard on a Summer Camp movie a very long time ago, but he'd memorized it (catchy tune that it was), and so he was waking the dorm with it.

At least he was until Hermione cannonballed into him, giggling and laughing.

And then there were two. "Riiise and shiiine and give god the glory glory!"

Dean followed, hurrying down, his face split in a wide grin. "Man, I haven't heard this in ages!"

And then there were three. "Riiise and shiiine and give god the glory glory!"

As if in waves, the Gryffindors charged down the stairs, half wanting to flee the horribly catchy and offtune song - the others wanting to smother the offending instruments of their aural pain.

By the time they sat at the Great Hall, half the Gryffindors were sporting some sort of bruise, bump or sore spot. They were all grinning happily, though, and the Slytherins eyed their seats warily, as if wondering what new trick the Gryffs had come up with. The Ravenclaws liked to pretend that they were above noticing other people, but with the Gryffs that happily carefree...

"Why're you all so ebullient?" Draco Malfoy drawled, approaching the table at an angle, so it was clear that he was really just heading towards the Slytherin table. Or at least, Harry thought, that was the theory. Light forbid that Draco Malfoy voluntarily or willingly want to talk with Gryffindors!

"Donnybrook in the Common Room," Seamus drawled, doing a surprising imitation of Draco himself.

Dean said, "You shoulda seen the shiner I put on Weasley there!"

Gin responded, "Yeah, I oughta shine you, for that!"

"You'd have to hit me first!"

"Easy as pie!"

As the table dissolved into recounting different bits of the brouhaha, only Hermione and Harry's eyes stayed pinned on Draco Malfoy, who simply rolled his eyes, and said uncomprehendingly, "Gryffindors."

"Just spreading happiness at the end of a fist, Malfoy." Harry said, giving the Slytherin a toothy, sharp-edged grin. "Want a rematch?"

"Hardly fair, when I won the first round." Draco Malfoy drawled.

"As if!" Harry snorted, "You tried to sic Filch on us...but we escaped!"

"Maybe we do need a duel, then..." Malfoy said smoothly, softly, letting the entire conversation carry on below the din of the Gryffindor table. "I'll be in touch."

As Draco Malfoy sauntered over to his table, Hermione looked at Harry, eyes wide, and asked, "Did you just -?"

Harry nodded, looking a bit baffled, "Yeah, I think I did. Stupid, right?"

Hermione smirked, flicking her not-a-wand out of her sleevepocket with a thought, "Good training." she said approvingly.

*I have this one memorized. I've probably only heard it twice. Truly that catchy. Sorry for the earworm.

**As to why Harry knows the word actinic? It's been used with potions, in identifying the "right color" (which, mind you, should be more precise than shown in the books. Snape is apparently a rather lenient grader, seeing as how he has to put up with dunderheads who couldn't get it even within the same country of origin).

[a/n: Well, someone was asking me to speed things , this happened. This entire scene wasn't supposed to be here, but it amused me and sounded properly Gryffindor, so...

Harry's also got a subconscious "act like Gryffindor" thing going on, to try and keep allies close around him.

This story is off the rails, plots are everywhere - and what is Draco Malfoy up to? Hell, what's Harry up to!

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