Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 284

Zach continued to plough on, but Harry's mind wasn't on Zach. Or, for that matter, on the screen, nevermind that Harry realized he might pay for that later. Trust Snape to expect everyone to not only have eyes in the back of their heads, but to be able to see out of them too! Harry was concentrating on the small motions, on those little movements you don't realize you're making.

Someone else knew. He wasn't the first. Slytherins on screen, Harry thought, They've got to know. Harry's bright eyes turned to the Slytherin contingent. Oh they knew better than to gather together. Like snakes, they each sought their own den, twining together with a friend or two. Potter's eyes found Crabbe, and he wondered if he knew. Harry focused on him, for lack of a better word, as Zambini showed his face on screen. Harry nodded, gently considering... I think he knows.

The Slytherin girls didn't look like they knew... although Pansy seemed to feel that something was wrong. She had that look of a deaf dog, knowing that everyone else was hearing something really interesting, and yet unable to hear. Were she really a dog, she'd be waggling her tail to get someone, anyone to tell her the news.

Hermione hadn't noticed a thing, not that it was surprising, with how many notes she was taking. Harry didn't envy her the revising...

Oh, Joy, Gryffindor Time, Harry thought dryly. Oddly enough, it wasn't him first - it was Ron, using some of those oddball skills he'd learned over the summer. Flip chop dice, break. It seemed like he'd just been learning his Mum's kitchen spells! Harry wanted to sputter in laughter at the thought. His mood swiftly darkened, as he viciously thought, Oh, sure, I'm not allowed to use what I've learnt, but Ron's allowed to!

Harry let the rage fade back into the shadows of his mind (the back of his mind was getting kinda crowded, but he'd deal with that later). He needed to be sharp here. Su Li caught it next, her fingertips to her lips as her eyes shone with that truth-devouring grin that Hermione often grew on her own face. Ravenclaws, Harry thought with wry amusement.

Then it was Hermione Granger's own time on screen, her spells - as expected - as obscure and twisted as you could imagine. The first spell she cast twisted the Pansy-like figure out of sorts, becoming a gumby as her limbs refused to bend, and instead stretched as she tried to cast a spell. Without the proper arms, the gestures failed entirely. Hermione's wand balled the wailing Pansy up into a ball and shoved it into a very familiar glass jar. "Am I done here, Professor?"

But that wasn't the important, nor interesting part of the scene. Harry Potter was avidly watching Hermione Granger. She'd actually dropped her quill, sending spatters of ink over her desk (the only one in the room - considerate of Snape? surely you jest. Bet he'll get a kick out of her rewriting those notes, though!) Then she leaned forward, analyzing the fight. On the edge of her seat, even.

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