Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 239

Every minute since Snape had left seemed to go on longer than the last.

Harry Potter was seething, with every kernel and nugget of information that spilled from people's lips. How could they just chase Snape out of here? He was sharp - and mean and nasty, but those weren't the important things. His questions would be incisive and insightful - just like a vampire's eyeteeth.

Harry hadn't really been paying attention to anything (Hermione had been taking notes, but even she was flagging). Oh, did they have to hear about the next magical hospital...?

"Tom Riddle grew up in the Muggle world, didn't he?" Harry found himself saying, as everyone turned to him, the adults seeming especially surprised, "Why are we only checking out wizarding hospitals?"

Hermione sat up straight, "That's right! The prophecy only states that he was born to those who had thrice defied him!"

"Shouldn't we then only look around Muggle London?" Vance said, her voice perfect crystal.

"Muggles move a lot," said Remus Lupin, who ought to know.

Harry had settled back into his seat, still seething with rage. He knew that Hermione and Ron thought that his periodic displays of anger were something tied to Tom Riddle. Harry just called it Poor Impulse Control. He was often a lot angrier than people thought, after all. He'd gotten good at hiding it when he was with the Dursleys', and it had become a bit of a habit. Problem was... that habit tended to lead to explosions.

Ron had Anger Issues - but he'd blow up, and then everything would go back to normal. Everyone just accepted it.

Harry didn't stop being angry after he'd blown up. He just had to Reparo whatever he'd broken.

And Harry was getting more angry the longer this endless meeting took.

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