Nobody ever asked my birthday

Call me crazy

"You aren't... worried about Snape, are you?" Harry struggled, trying to make his voice take on the teasing lilt that George or Fred could pull off.

Luckily, Malfoy didn't seem to notice - too preoccupied with trying to dismiss Potter's questions. "What? Me?!" He blustered, far too tellingly.

Harry Potter just looked at him -

which of all things made Malfoy flush. "Maybe! A little!" Malfoy even went so far as to tug on his robes. "Nothing's ever safe when..."

Harry Potter straightened, and said firmly, "Nothing's ever been safe for me, welcome to the club." Harry hadn't needed Malfoy to finish the sentence.

"He said he had a plan." Malfoy said.

"But plans best laid..." Harry Potter said, nodding, "I trust him."

Draco Malfoy's eyes blugged out of his sockets.

Harry Potter hurried to correct himself, "Not with my life, of course. I trust that if he says he has a plan, that he'll win through it. May leave everyone else in a ten mile radius melted in a puddle though." It really was an interesting question, how much Harry trusted Snape. Thinking quickly, Harry decided that he'd trust Snape - not to prevent Potter's death, but to make deadly sure that it wasn't in vain.

Draco Malfoy shook his head, "I worry about the war too, you know. Nothing's safe in war."

Harry pasted on a smile, like a heated knife. "Yeah, well, I wouldn't worry about that."

"Think you're immortal do you?" Malfoy taunted back.

"Who wants to live forever?" Harry laughed, "I'm as dead as the next Gryffindor, most probably." He shoved his hands in his pockets, and shrugged.

Draco Malfoy smirked out a sliver of a dark smile, "In war, same as peace, you'll learn that Slytherins love surprises. If you don't make it through, I wager I won't either."

"Who do you suppose will survive us?" Harry laughed, "Goyle?"

"No, not Greg. Pansy, I suppose. She's always been tougher than the rest of us. And Blaise - he'll be out of the country before there's any danger." Draco Malfoy said.

Harry nodded quietly, and exited, most of his questions going unresolved.

[a/n: I hope I don't need to say that Draco wasn't flushing because he has some sort of crush on Harry.

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