Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 318

As the room cleared, Harry fingered his homework in his bag. He'd written it, and then charmed it invisible. As the last person left, the door slammed shut. Snape began to weave privacy spells, as he often did. Harry's eyes narrowed, though, when he noticed that they weren't the same privacy spells. He raised a hand, almost as if to touch one - despite it being yards away, and Snape responded absently, still casting, "Don't touch. These wards singe."

Harry eyed them with a newfound caution, and only approached Snape when Snape was done casting. "My homework." he said, laying them down on the podium.

Snape waved a casual hand, and the pages burst into flame. "Either you've learned something, or you haven't." he said, in that obsidian voice.

Harry just nodded, "Yes sir."

Snape eyed Harry like a bug, stating after a moment, "Someone's been asking questions they shouldn't."

Shite! Snape knows. Harry Potter hadn't planned on this, hadn't come up with anything other than don't let him find out. Adrenaline leaped into Harry's nervous system, as his heart raced. Harry was just starting to formulate a denial, when he realized that he'd probably already shown enough to make it an Extremely Obvious Lie.

"Worse, you asked said questions of one Mister Draco Malfoy." Snape drawled, his voice as cold as ice. "I can only begin to imagine what you were thinking." Snape said, shaking his head. He spoke quietly, as he normally did, but Harry's heart hurt at the brilliant look in his eye - a darkling fire, sparkling within those inky eyes.

"To lay this matter to rest, I suppose I should say something to quell any more irresponsible, idiotic questions you might think up next." Snape said, starting the sentence sounding slightly irriitated, but finishing it in a sort of icy cold fury.

Harry found his mouth wanting to open, wanting to say that he knew better, now. But clearly he hadn't known better after Sirius...

"You may thank whatever gods you please that this particular secret is not one I wish concealed from the Dark Lord, or you'd be walking out of here this instant, your mind relieved of the memory." Snape said curtly, and Harry didn't doubt for a second that he'd do exactly what he'd said. Harry quickly curbed any desire on his own part to think about Snape's words.

"Nonetheless, the secret you have unearthed touches on a great many things that you're not cleared to know the truth of." Snape said, his body leaning over Harry's. Harry had to crane his neck to look up into Snape's face, nearly looking up his nostrils. Snape spun away, taking two steps away from Harry before turning back.

Snape smirked devilishly, "So I'm going to tell you a story that is nothing but a pack of lies. So you don't get the wrong idea."

Harry suppressed a sigh. Slytherins made his head hurt, and Snape more than the rest. Still, this was going better than he'd thought. Snape was still speaking to him, after all. Slytherins didn't take kindly to purloined secrets.

"I first met your mother on the Hogwarts Express, and when she asked which House I'd want to be in, all I could think was "yours." " With Snape's melodic voice talking, it was strange for Harry to think this was a lie. But it was. It sounded too sweet - definitely too sweet for Snape, and maybe too sweet for his mum.

"Not long after, the Marauders piled into our cabin - I was reading one of my mother's books, and they immediately decided it was Dark magic." Snape said, his tone wry, "I'm not certain they'd ever looked at a book before. The Marauders wanted the cabin to themselves, and your mother was all up for leaving, but I didn't take kindly to being pushed around, even at age eleven. "

Harry smiled, "So you fought back, two against four?"

"More accurately, I started making as much commotion as possible, figuring that some authority figure would drop in."

"It didn't work?" Harry responded.

"Not the way it was intended, no - the prefect stopped the commotion, but the Marauders held a grudge indefinitely." Snape continued, "Your mother and I were thick as thieves, we were practically each other's only friends. Back then House ties were not quite as binding as they are now." Harry belatedly translated that as "just as bad" remembering that Snape was lying...

"We were frequent targets of the marauders, and a friendship born from adversity is a strong one indeed." Harry nearly smiled at that one, remembering Hermione and Ron.

"Growing up, it was only natural that I started to develop feelings for her, and that just increased the Marauder's abuse." As Sanpe said that, Harry wanted to tell him to stop, to pause, because, it suddenly became clear to Harry - this was what Snape had been talking about, in terms of "telling a lie so Harry doesn't get the wrong idea." Harry wanted to say that he hadn't even considered that - not as an insult, but just as the truth.

"James Potter was in love with your mother from third year on," Snape said, continuing along with the story, "It made things more difficult than they needed to be - he saw me as a rival as much as an enemy."

Snape continued, "You saw what happened in the pensieve that day - after I called her that name, she wouldn't talk to me. We didn't meet as friends again." Harry blinked, trying to sort through what was a lie, and what was truth, or, more inscrutably, obscured truth.

Having concluded his story, Snape simply said, looking as impassive as he'd ever seemed, "I am disappointed in you. I believed you'd learned your lesson, after the last time." Snape strode over, looming over Harry, "Rest assured, you will be punished. Look behind you, you won't be expecting it." Snape sent a smirk Harry's way, and then his face smoothed.

"As of now, Potter, we are quits. Would that I were in charge of the Order Membership, or I would be booting you from there too. I can't work with someone I can't trust." Snape's angry eyes looked down at Harry Potter, and without waiting for a response, Snape strode out through the privacy wards, leaving the scent of singed hair and fabric in his wake.

Harry had the oddest feeling that the last sentence Snape had said to him, was the closest thing Harry would ever get to a personal comment from Snape.

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