Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 330

"Gin," Harry said, and Ginevra Weasley looked at him, with those big eyes of hers. "I need to talk with you."

Ginny crossed her arms, and said, "Well, I'm right here."

"Not... now. not ... here." Harry said, struggling to find some way to express what he wanted.

"O-oh," Seamus said, pushing his head in between Harry's and Ginny's, his hands on their shoulders. "Someone wants a word in private." Seamus' grin was just this side of mocking, or maybe angry, "Better ask Dean first."

Ginny crossed her arms, and even Harry knew that was a bad sign. "I don't need to ask my boyfriend before talking to Harry, Seamus."

Seamus raised his eyebrows, and said, "Whatever you say..."

From down the table, Romilda Vane tittered, looking up at Harry. If there was one person Harry wasn't going to date, it was Romilda Vane. She was a pest, an annoyance, and downright traitorous to boot.

She hadn't rejoined the Defense Club, which was probably for the best. Apparently this year she'd had more of a crush on Malfoy than on Potter, and Harry was glad of that.

Not that she knew either of them well enough to really like them. She just liked the fantasy.

Harry was very much trying not to pay attention to Snape glaring at him. He just knew if he looked up that Snape would -somehow- be looking away before he said anything.

Harry needed to talk with Hermione, too and he really wasn't looking forward to that.

It was after dinner before Harry got a chance to get Ginny alone, taking her halfway to the top of the Astronomy tower before he was relatively sure that no one was hanging about.

"Harry, what is this?" Ginny said, smiling as if she was flattered.

Harry's green eyes sparkled like the devil, as he started to explain.

"I can tell him, right?"

"If you can make it so only he can hear, sure..." Harry said, smirking.

"Done!" Ginny said, smiling broadly. She took three steps down the stairs, before she realized Harry wasn't following.

"You coming?" she asked, her face doing broad calculations on What Was Wrong Now.

"Nah, I want some fresh autumn air." Harry said.

"Off to sulk then?" Ginny said, and Harry made a face at her.

"Sure, because sulking's what people do on top of the Astronomy tower." Harry said smoothly.

Ginny snickered and said, "Ten galleons says you don't meet anyone up there tonight."

Harry just laughed in response, and Ginny ran off, ponytail bouncing behind her. Harry let his eyes follow her - not necessarily to admire her fine figure, but because it made a convenient excuse to attempt to pierce any illusions nearby.

Satisfied, he headed upstairs.

He needed a better argument before talking with Hermione.

Oh, and equilibrium.

He'd need that too.

[a/n: Hermione can be a bit scary to talk to, if you don't have your ducks in order. Reviews, as always, welcome and appreciated! What are Harry and Ginny up to?

Before someone comments again, Harry's urge to give people short nicknames has shown up before. I know in cannon, everyone always calls her Ginny. I consider that name to be a bit... prepubescent. ]