Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 19

"Severus? A moment..." Lupin said in his gentle voice, as Luna and Nevile stumbled through the floo.

"An excellent idea.! How unusual." Snape purred, in his delight nearly forgetting how to be properly catty towards the werewolf. **

Loudly, Snape said, "I'm afraid everyone is going to have to exit the room of requirement, for a moment. It would appear that the wolf has prepared us all a treat." Harry fought back against a grin at the thought of Lupin preparing doggy treats for everyone. Snape would of course eat them with his everpresent scowl. Come to think of it, he's been scowling a lot less lately. Probably hard to hold it constantly - and I have been spending a lot of time with him.

Everyone filed out, Moody giving the room a final reproachful glare before stepping out, as if it was its fault that he had lost against two wet-behind-t'-ears lads.

"Allow me," Lupin said kindly, as he stepped through the door into the Room of Requirement. Harry's eyes got wide - it resembled a movie theater! While Harry was gawking, Arthur and Snape had both -somehow- gotten through the door.*** Snape's glare had probably intimidated Arthur, Harry thought, playing the scene over in his head.

Molly bustled the "everlasting gobstopper" twins through, as Hermione began to speak to Neville and Luna, filling them in on what a movie theater was. "Mate?" Ron asked, as he came beside Harry.

Harry said simply, in a tone of wonder, "It's a movie theater... at Hogwarts!"

"What's that?" Ron said - they were the last ones through, and it was a bit crowded beside all the chairs.

"Let Lupin explain." Harry said, as Dumbledore's twinkly eyes caught his unexpectedly.

"If everyone will take a seat." Lupin said, pausing a moment as the twins began levitating theirs, and with a touch more asperity said, "If everyone will sit down on a provided seat." The twins sprawled, their legs straddling the backs of the chairs. "If you put your back against the chair's back, you will be in the expected orientation."

"Oh, we never do the expected!" one of the twins said.

"That's right! Often even the unexpected isn't enough for us." the other said.

"In other words, the impossible, rather than the improbable..." Snape purred from halfway across the room, and Lupin entirely gave up on the twins as a lost cause, throwing up his hands.

"If everyone who wants to watch the information I have prepared would be so kind as to sit down, facing north" Lupin pointed at the twins, who made a face, "unlike the twins who are facing south..."

Everyone filed in, and there were just enough seats for everyone, which left Gin and Art serving as a buffer between Molly and the twins.

"Begin," Lupin said, dramatically clapping his hands together.

** only snape gets the ".!" punctuation. It's said as a statement, with the exclamation happening altogether with his eyes.

*** Yes, we're aware that Harry was gawking through the door that the two people just got through. When a person gets bedazzled with old memories and unexpected thoughts, sometimes their awareness fades.

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